Giving Up is Not an Option

Pastor Dave Deppisch
As a former radio talk host who railed against the encroaching evil of liberal theology, the one thing I never did was give up hope that America would cease to be that “city on a hill”!

I still believe in her and the founding principles in spite of how far left she has been steered. But what gives us hope when we witness the onslaught of pure evil? When we have allowed an obvious Marxist to be elected president not once, but twice? What hope is there when the headlines scream Islamic terrorism but the Commander in Chief cannot utter that admission of just whom the real enemy is? Or when “deals” are attempted with our enemies that will enable them to have nukes–nukes with the stated goal of wiping out our only real ally Israel–and nukes capable of reaching the United States?

How can we have any confidence in light of the increasing national debt, the decimation of our military leaders, the willful disobedience by not upholding and defending our constitution, and the many obvious attempts to flood the nation will illegals who will be welcomed with open arms into the Democrat party?

How unbelievable is it that we have a congress full of Lilly-livered pansies unable to impeach a president who continues to use the constitution as toilet paper and has no love of America. How did we get here?

It’s no wonder there is both anger and disillusionment among a majority of Americans since polls show that over 60% of the country is conservative. But what is one to do when elected officials we send to Washington are slipping on knee pads and caving to every illegal, unethical, and political action of this rogue administration?

OK–I’ll stop asking the obvious question and answer it this way. Men who value freedom will fight for it in every way possible. States which are controlled by conservative majorities must ignore federal edicts that are designed to bring harm to the country. Military leaders must speak out even if they fear losing their jobs. Weak kneed Republicans must be replaced by true patriots. Citizens must e-mail, write, call and even demonstrate their desire to thwart the lies and left turns of the opposition.

And yet, all this isn’t enough. It will take every one who knows the Truth to stand firm. It will take real earnest prayer. The apostle Paul understood who the real enemy was when he wrote, ” For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”.

Evil is real. Evil is a spiritual force that often manifests itself in stated “good intentions”– and as the saying goes the road to Hell is paved with such intentions. When it is so obvious that we face the enemy that is working hard to tar us apart, to elevate sin, to legislate immorality, and to enslave us–we must do all we can in the flesh– but if we do nothing in the spiritual, we will lose.

Often I hear people say to pray for America. Too often those are empty words, sentiments that are not from the heart. Next time you are reminded of the evil– take some time to really pray to the true God who by His grace and mercy alone can save America.