ISIS, Immigration, and the church: Leading from behind is insanity

The average American may be too distracted by the amusement park that the United States has become. There is more passion for sports and entertainment (the same?) than for the principles upon which America was founded and built. One only have to look at the actions and inaction of Barack Obama to see that there is a subversive ideology hard at work.

Handling ISIS with the alacrity of a slug working its way across flypaper, Obama has done more than put our allies and our own troops in harms way. He has signaled to the world that the United States, under his lack of resolve, doesn’t have anyone’s back. This is the real tragedy of not confronting the growing menace in the Middle East. Israel is well aware that they have no ally in this administration— and if they do nothing on their own, Iran will soon possess the nuke they so desperately want.  Obama is happy to oblige.  His misunderstanding of the fragile balance of power is leading to what some believe will be a nuclear confrontation not just with Israel–but even the United States.

But you don’t have to look half way around the world to see the cancer of Obama’s progressive (a kinder word than socialist/communist) policies of lack of enforcement of the Constitution. One only has to gaze to our southern border with Mexico to see the flood of humanity hungry for handouts.  And for those who have been here illegally for some time– tax refunds! This is beyond gathering millions of Democrat voters– it is the evisceration of what little is left of America’s middle class.

Interestingly enough– Black America will suffer more than any other ethnicity as swarms of illegals are hired to do the work “Americans don’t want to do”. With two more years left in his second term to wreak havoc on this great country, Obama and his willing accomplices in Congress seek to assure that the damage will not be undone.

Let me take a short detour that some will not agree with, but it is a salient point to make when trying to determine how we got here and why getting out of this mess will be a long hard struggle. Part of the blame for the present state of America must rest upon Christianity.

To be more explicit– what much of American Christianity has become. In the early years of what was to become the United States, great preachers were proactive when dealing with the oppressive edicts of the King. They witnessed the ever increasing amount of regulations, taxation, and servitude that was being forced on colonists, and they did not hesitate to use the power of the pulpit and the veracity of Scripture to help rally men to fight for their freedom.

Enter the IRS. Enter the damnable lie of “separation of church and state”. Both have worked to strangle the voices of pastors and preachers. But within the churches the schism that dealt a terminal blow to America was the advent of liberal theology– preaching a social message that didn’t square with Christian ethics or the Bible. Silenced by the threat of losing their tax-exempt status and allowing man-made committees to write a worldly interpretation of the Scripture,  some churches abandoned the truth for a world-pleasing presentation. From acceptance of “gay marriage” to fully embracing a woman’s right to “choose”, much of the church not only reflected the culture– in some cases it surpassed it!

Homosexuality, abortion, divorce, pre-marital sex, and sloppy grace became standards of many denominations. Sin is rarely if ever mentioned, while opposition to a government that consistently opposes basic religious rights is almost non-existent. When the Little Sisters of the Poor have to pay for pregnancy tests and abortions, when private businesses are fined for not making cakes that would violate their religious conscience and are saddled with back-breaking penalties in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and when the President uses a prayer breakfast to justify the horrors of beheadings and immolation by fire using a comparison of ancient history with little or no reaction from those in attendance– we have lost everything that was great about America.

Before you think I put too much emphasis on the lack of Christian resolve — you need to look back to the true foundation of America. We are not a Christian nation in the sense of a Theocracy, but the influence of Christian values and principle of those men who founded this country are embedded in the Declaration and in the Constitution.

We exist as a nation because of our God-given rights.  We will cease to exist as America if we allow man to deny those rights.