Over the Hill-ary?


Way back in 2008, Hillary Clinton proved to be a tired and not-so-debate-worthy candidate when up against a younger, vibrant, and untruthful Barack Obama. The coronation was hers to lose, and lose she did!

Why then, with the added baggage of one of the most traveled, most inconsequential Secretaries of State, are Republican concerned at all about running a campaign against an aging grandma whose only claim to fame was staying married to a philandering walking erection-in-chief?

Imagine the sound bites amassed over the years aside from “What difference, at this point, does it make?” And her infamous “running with our heads down” to avoid sniper fire that never happened. But these are mild compared with her other very striking shortcomings. She has never governed. She couldn’t govern her philandering husband, she couldn’t govern her involvement in Whitewater–wait, I am going too far back in history. She obviously could not govern and respond to a plea for more security in Benghazi!

The toughest questions for her to answer might be “Why are you running?” “What are your qualifications to be president of the United States?” But for Democrats any answer or deflection of a question is good enough. While every GOP candidate will be crucified, Hillary will get softballs and complete free passes. Until—

Until she has to debate the GOP candidate. Then, if that eventual GOP nominee isn’t afraid of taking off what would have to be tons of makeup worn by Ms. Clinton to show the world just how ugly she would be for America, Hillary’s inevitability of ascending to the Oval Office will be doomed.

It really depends on the true conservative base to ignore the GOP “donor class” and elect a candidate who has proven tough in the face of Democrats and anti-constitutionalists!