Brian Williams--White Lies

Before we condemn a renowned anchorman for “misremembering” a few crucial facts, and repeating the same story for years, we should consider that Brian Williams may have told the truth several times!

Last night’s apology admitting that he was not on board a chopper under fire while covering the Gulf War back in 2003,  was better than the usual non-answers the White House press corps is used to hearing on a daily basis! Better, but not convincing. In fact if you heard it or read the transcript, it mirrors the stuff we hear from ‘progressives’ all the time.

Of course, when the liberal media blatantly lies about a member of the GOP or Tea Party– if an apology ever comes it is usually buried deep within the back pages or delivered on air much like Brian Williams did.

The world soon forgets or chooses to not recall the lie if it involves a Democrat. That’s why when you see a story about scandals that are exposed, if a Democrat is involved you might not find out until paragraph 27– if the party affiliation is mentioned at all. For Republicans–well it’s part of the headline.

But back to Brian for a moment. Once a journalist is caught in a lie all credibility is called into question. Of course, the liberal media has little if any credibility  since most of the noteworthy stories never get reported. But this time the sharks smell blood in the water. When one of their own kind is bleeding, you’d better believe even the main stream media will move in for the kill.