The International Socialist Organization

I only recently discovered Redstate.com and began to feel that it may be the perfect platform to share a story that I have been reluctant to post on the internet until now.

Those of us from Chicago have a special appreciation for the Chicago Political machine and what it takes to make it in politics here in the windy city.  Because of this we also have a deeper understanding of our most famous recent product, the POTUS.

As with many tales, this one starts with a flashback. When I was in college, like many college kids I had a view of the world that was shaped by the 18 some odd years of public education that I had received.  I was interested in righting the perceived wrongs and social injustices that I heard so many of my professors discuss in their lectures. Even in math courses the professors always managed to somehow get a shot or two of their political propaganda into the lecture.  When you are as I was it makes it easy to get drawn into believing that ‘All of these adults can’t be lying. If it were just one nutty professor perhaps but surely there isn’t some grand conspiracy, surely there must be truth in what these grown-ups are saying’.  After all, if your experience growing up was like mine and you were taught to respect grown-ups and respect your elders than you are much less likely to suspect such treachery.

I attended a meeting that was supposed to be a presentation about Police Brutality that was hosted at my college one night.  We signed a list upon arriving and were told the info would be used to notify us of future presentations at the school.  We ended up going for drinks with one of the presenters afterward and it turned out the event was really being hosted by what he called the “International Socialist Organization”. I got spooked when he told us that ‘there will be blood in the streets’ and I have always remembered this as  This man was a Hispanic professor from University of Chicago. Which is where of course our President was working along with the likes of Bill Ayers etc.  So if there are any reasonable Democrats left out there I really do hope you can put aside your feelings to be intellectually honest with yourselves about who you’ve put in office. If you think that there is some grand conspiracy to paint Obama as a socialist you really should start by looking at the much clearer evidence along with his actions.  It’s not about Bill Ayers and what he did 30 years ago. It’s about Obama and the polluted political environment here in Chicago. Is there anyone that currently attends U of Chi that is willing to share their own observations?

I don’t mean to paint with a broad brush here and I know that all professors were/are not socialists but I always find it hard to understand why people so roundly refuse to consider that you don’t spend your professional life working alongside or for such folks without either sharing their views or pretending to share them. In my opinion there is little distinction to be made whether you actually share or pretend to share such views. It is very much like the idea that you can attend a church for years yet you don’t hold the same beliefs as the preacher that preaches each week.