Actions speak louder than words

Obama said in his press conference tonight that he has no interest in running the banks and how he finds it laughable when he hears his critics say that he wants to grow government, yet when some banks pleaded to give the money back to him he refused.

For a guy that has no interest in owning banks those actions speak louder than his words this evening.

Wasn’t tonight’s press conference supposed to be about the Swine…er I mean U-571 or whatever he is calling it to avoid offending swine.

Another telling moment was when the POTUS fielded the soon to be infamous ‘Enchanted’ question from the NY Times report.  He improvised a response which has come to be his Achilles heal and tonight was no different.  He commented on how he was surprised that the legislative branch hasn’t fallen into line and that banks don’t just do what he tells them.  Mr. President, these are the expectations of a dictator.  The whole point of having branches of the government is to combat this exact idea and the point of a free market is that the government doesn’t get to tell entrepreneurs and capitalists what to do.  These ideas are what makes America great! Not a socialist president bending others to his will. I haven’t heard anyone in the media comment on this peculiar aspect of his response but I personally think that this is much more revealing of Obama’s true nature than any of his other canned or teleprompted responses and ramblings.

‘Swine flu is what you get when there’s too much pork coming out of Washington’…Mack Bolan ’09