NC 11

**From Carl Mumpowers email

On Monday Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower told the 11th District Republican Committee that his campaign was officially on hold until at least half of the counties in Western North Carolina got behind a “Principles First” proposal. Moving beyond their initial shock, Committee members went back to their home counties with a unanimous recommendation for approval. That effort was rewarded Thursday evening when the eighth of fifteen counties, Macon, held their own unanimous vote to join Mumpower in making it clear that the Republican Party is back and on track.

Mumpower’s campaign suspension centered on a call for an authentic 11th District rededication to core Republican principles and the establishment of their own procedure for holding local, state, and national leaders accountable to those principles. This unusual strategy was rewarded with timely action by Buncombe, Swain, Henderson, Clay, Rutherford, Transylvania, McDowell, and Macon counties. “I did not expect things to move this quickly, but I should have known better,” said Mumpower. “The majority of Republicans I’ve talked to, including Macon Chair Gary Dills, are ahead of me in recognizing the importance of a return to principles above all other political considerations.”

“People have lost faith in the Republican Party because we have allowed power, political correctness, and other pressures to trump our core values,” said Mumpower. “It is important that the people of WNC and the country know that the word ‘Republican’ stands for something they can count on – being careful with their money, restraining government intrusion on their lives, and protecting America.”

The Congressional candidate has been criticized for this effort and other maverick approaches to campaigning that may be giving incumbent Heath Shuler a leg up on the race. “Yes, I do want to win – even more I want to help secure the future of America through a Republican Party that is rededicated to the promise and potential offered in our founding principles upheld by principle guided candidates,” said Mumpower.

“Now that WNC’s Republicans are united behind our real values, my campaign is in full swing effective immediately,” Mumpower concluded. “The people of WNC now know that we have a platform that stands for something besides buying a seat in Congress and the promise everything to everyone policies of my opponent and his party.”

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