Rubio vs. Meek - A YouTube Matchup

Earlier tonight I was engaged in something of a debate on the subject of a putative matchup between Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek in a general election for the U.S. Senate seat from Florida next year.

Meek, the likely Democrat nominee in the race, hails from Miami. His district is 55 percent black and 21 percent Hispanic, with 34 percent of its population being immigrants and 41 percent speaking English as a second language. Florida-17 went for Barack Obama over John McCain by an 87-13 margin last year (it went for Kerry by an 83-17 margin in 2004 and for Gore by an 84-15 margin in 2000), and Meek has NEVER HAD A REPUBLICAN OPPONENT. In fact, he’s had Saddam-like electoral margins since succeeding his mother as the House member from Florida-17; in 2002 he received 99.9 percent of the vote, in 2004 he got 99.6 percent and he hasn’t even had an opponent since.

Meek can be credibly described as an ACORN/SEIU stooge, as he’s received significant contributions from both throughout his career. It’s no surprise, then, that as a Congressman, Meek is one of the most far-left Democrats around. Here’s just a sampling…

If you can make it through all of this, what you’ll come up with is a typical Congressional Black Caucus member with no appeal to anyone in the center nor a history of even attempting to attract votes out of a safe black/hispanic/socialist congressional district. In a diverse and historically conservative state like Florida, he would have to be seen as a remarkably easy target.

On the other hand, we have the possibility for Marco Rubio – who is a former Florida Speaker of the House. Without delving into a litany of his accomplishments, let’s let him tell it.

Which one of these guys do you think is more likely to get elected to the Senate next year? And, perhaps a better question – does anybody really think conservatives have to compromise and nominate Charlie Crist for the Senate in order to beat Meek?