So - how many here think it's inevitable the NJ leftists will steal that race?

I myself think it’s beyond inevitable; it’s already done.

But even with that being the case I expect a McDonnell blowout in Virginia and a Hoffman win in NY-23, and New Jersey will be a close enough race that everybody is going to KNOW it was stolen. That’s a scenario all by itself which lays a big, fat shiner on the image of our president and his party, and if “Remember New Jersey” ends up a rallying cry for the GOP and the conservative movement it will be quite useful in its own right.

Naturally, this is a fairly cynical take and I feel dirty for espousing it – but if the people of New Jersey are willing to allow their state to be as far gone as it is they largely deserve what they get in allowing Corzine to steal that race. After all, anyone who saw that focus group on Hannity and got a whiff of the economic illiteracy and class warfare on display there will have a difficult time generating much sympathy for a state which could produce such numbskulls.

And while America certainly doesn’t need any more examples of the destruction left-wing governance produces, over the next 2-3 years a New Jersey where the governor’s race is obviously stolen and the “winner” presides over a further outmigration of people and capital amid rampant crime and corruption will serve as a crystalline case for conservatism.

It’s up to the people of that state. They have a clear choice; if they can’t come out for Christie in numbers sufficient to beat the Democrat sleaze factor, they deserve whatever they get.

This, in the interest of disclosure, from a resident of Louisiana – a state whose self-inflicted political wounds over the course of decades are just now finding salve in the best governing class of its sordid history (and even that isn’t really saying too much).