Some Indiscriminate Bomb-Throwing...

I can’t really decide what I want to pontificate on in this post. There is too much going on. So instead of something coherent, we’ll just scattershoot for a while.

First, the BigGovernment.com expose of ACORN criminality continues apace. Today’s installment was a video from San Bernadino, California where an ACORN employee brags about having murdered her husband and run a brothel of her own – “Heidi Fleiss is my hero,” she says. The employee, whose named is Tresa Kaelke, is apparently not only a loudmouth nut with big stories, she apparently works as a political organizer for ACORN.

And, according to ACORN exposeuse Hannah Giles per a Fox News appearance this evening, a convicted felon.

None of this is a surprise. But the fact that this is the fourth of at least five videos – tomorrow is apparently a video from the San Diego area which is potentially the worst one yet “depending on your criminal palate,” according to BigGovernment.com’s Andrew Breitbart – suggests that this is a textbook case of criminal conspiracy. Breitbart’s new site today had a piece from former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell who suggests that prosecution of ACORN under the federal RICO statute is warranted. Furthermore, the Senate voted yesterday 83-7 to defund ACORN, and a similar bill has been introduced in the House. Over 130 Republican House members have sent a letter to the president demanding that he bar any involvement with ACORN on the part of any branch of the federal government.

All of this would indicate, as this blog trumpeted on Friday, this is a gargantuan story. But apparently the word isn’t quite getting out to everybody. Outgoing ABC World News Tonight anchor Charlie Gibson admitted yesterday he hadn’t even heard about the scandal.

Now, you can believe one of two things about Gibson’s moronic statement. He’s either telling the truth, in which case Gibson comes off as a modern-day Ron Burgundy and his shoddy treatment of Sarah Palin a year ago with those professorial spectacles on the edge of his nose can be seen in a totally new light, or you can come to the more obvious conclusion that Gibson is telling a bald-faced lie. After all, ABC’s Jake Tapper posted Friday on the Census’ cutting of ties with ACORN, including an embed of the Baltimore ACORN video. Does anyone really believe that Gibson, the front man for ABC’s news organization, doesn’t know what his own operation is putting out?

The Gibson fiasco says two things. First, it is impossible to give any credibility to anything he says going forward or in the past if we are asked to suspend disbelief to this degree in order to take him seriously. And second, it is very difficult not to be insulted at the lack of respect for the American people shown by a man who thinks he can tell so obvious a falsehood over the airwaves and get away with it.

The self-destruction of the Legacy Media (I’m still struggling with the right moniker for the cabal in charge of the formerly dominant newspapers and TV networks) continues apace.

Meanwhile, today Joe Wilson was rebuked by the House for his “You lie!” outburst during the president’s partisan screed on the floor of the House. The vote was 240-179, with seven Republicans voting for. That number included Joseph Cao (R-New Orleans), who is teetering at the edge of uselessness as a Republican given that the window for him holding the Dollar Bill seat in Congress is about to close in a little over a year and he’s giving the GOP next to nothing in terms of results. Cao will be beaten badly by Cedric Richmond, who will be an embarrassment to New Orleans and Louisiana, in next year’s election, and it’s unlikely anyone will even really notice. It was exciting to see him defeat Jefferson back in December and that will go down in history as a truly shining moment for the Crescent City, but that victory is a highlight of what has been a dim Congressional career to date.

At least Cao didn’t make Wilson out to be the face of racism in America like Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson did today. Johnson, whose undistinguished career to date is marked by the fact that he’s one of only two Buddhists in Congress, he beat certified imbecile Cynthia McKinney in the 2006 Democratic primary on the way to winning his seat and in 2007 he authored legislation aimed at barring American troops from operating inside Iraqi cities – the precise tactics which ultimately delivered success in Iraq and drove that conflict from the front pages, and the abandonment of which has this year resulted in the resurgence of violence there.

In other words, Johnson is a nobody whose only qualifications for Congress were (1) that he was a black Democrat in a district drawn up to require one to be a black Democrat to be elected, and (2) he hadn’t proven himself to be completely deranged as had McKinney.

That may be changing. Johnson’s attack on Wilson included this piece of idiocy…

“I guess we’ll probably have folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside, intimidating people,” he said. “That’s the logical conclusion if this kind of attitude is not rebuked.”

Johnson’s quote is bad enough, but it unfortunately comes on a day where one of the top headlines involves the savage, bloody beating of a white student on a Belleview, Illinois school bus by a black teen cheered on by a cohort of other black teens in what the local police spokesman called a racially-motivated crime before someone apparently got to him and made him recant. Couple that with another undistinguished Georgia Democrat, failed former president Jimmy Carter, who spewed forth the charge that opposition to the Obama administration is racially motivated, and throw in the reappearance of Kanye West and his assaulting of white female country singers (last night’s incident with Taylor Swift was just a reprise of a similar episode at the 2004 American Music Awards, and you have a rather disturbing pattern unfolding.

I’ll digress here and admit that Obama had it exactly right when he called West a “jackass” in commenting about the incident to reporters when the president thought he was off the record.

I’m reminded of the excellent line from Thomas Sowell back in June of this year, when he said “Racism has never done this country any good, and it needs to be fought against, not put under new management for different groups.” Sowell hasn’t weighed in of late on the current string of incidents, but my sense is that if he chooses to he will likely express outrage at the idea that opposition to Obama’s policies imputes racism to the dissident (when in fact Sowell is one of the more eloquent detractors from Obama’s Deathcare plan, as his piece today in National Review is evidence). Sowell in all likelihood would deplore behavior like that shown on the school bus in Illinois for the precise reason he stated back in June.

Is Sowell a racist?

There have seemingly been more racially-charged incidents in the past year than in previous years, and never in the recent history of this country has the charge of “racism” been leveled so often in so many obviously inappropriate circumstances. While the former is very ominous and perhaps an unintended consequence of Obama’s election – Obama might not be to blame for it, but he’s done little to help the situation – the latter might actually be a good thing. If the “racism” charge finally gets to be overplayed and loses meaning, a powerful weapon for the Left will be gone. I won’t even dignify Carter’s stupidity and fascistic slurs against those with whom he disagrees; suffice it to say that the Left is doing itself few favors by demeaning well-reasoned arguments against its policy positions – arguments, by the way, which find resonance with the majority of the public in EVERY case – as the product of the Ku Klux Klan.

Obama’s policies are no different from those of Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore or John Kerry. All of those failed Democrat candidates pushed the same thin left-wing gruel and found themselves beaten in presidential elections, yet Obama, with the same set of policies packaged a little differently, managed to win with them. If this country, which rejected those policies when white candidates presented them, elected Obama, then from whence comes the charge of racism? The Left Obama represents obviously felt that the time had come to break the socialist pinata, and one might surmise they may have concluded this since a fundamentally racist country had to have wanted a lurch to the left in the most desperate fashion in order to elect a black president. But clearly that was a miscalculation. The policies are just as poisonous, yet Obama was nevertheless elected. That he had reasonably high popularity ratings until he began attempting to enact his agenda is perhaps the unkindest cut of all.

If it’s not Obama’s race the American people reject but the philosophy of the Left, the rejection is a lot more personalized to those “progressives” who have operated for 100 years under the impression that the dominance of their worldview was a foregone conclusion. This rejection is nothing new, but after the glorious triumph of Obama’s election the truth returning to the forefront has to be especially disquieting. Little surprise, then, at the dismissive and impolite attitude shown time and time again by leftist politicians and media-types toward those who don’t share their politics.

All of these controversies are playing out amid a president who continues to threaten a fragile economy by cozying up to his union supporters, including the specter of a trade war with China thanks to the president’s choice to slap tariffs on Chinese tires (there’s an entire blog post all in itself). Obama’s Deathcare bill appears to be completely falling apart as it’s beset on all sides, though one retains the impression something awful will still be passed. And on the foreign policy front it’s becoming clear that Obama’s Iran and North Korea policies are in complete collapse, with grave consequences to American prestige and national security. That’s a rather gloomy canvas from which to see corruption in government and media, as well as racial strife, play out.

I am an optimist by nature, and in time I still see the current travails leading to a resurgence in American greatness as some of the bad ideas in which we are presently immersed may finally be cast aside. But in the short to medium term, there is much damage being done – that much is clear.

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