An Astonishing, And Fortuitous, Debut

It’s been online for less than a week, yet one of my favorite sites on the web, Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com, has established itself as one of the coming masters of the New Media universe. Breitbart, who helped develop The Drudge Report and the Huffington Post before launching his own highly successful sites at Breitbart.com and BigHollywood.com, is emerging as a Bill Gates of the New Media. His latest venture is making this abundantly clear.

BigGovernment’s launch was punctuated by a triumphant return of investigative journalism, an art lost in a “mainstream” media content to lazily vomit left-establishment propaganda as it fancies itself equal to the achievements of predecessors while pretending, as those predecessors did, to be “objective.” Breitbart’s associates James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, who this week released videos of a too-strange-for-fiction prostitution and child abuse scenario being embraced by ACORN staffers, have so thoroughly exposed the Old Media structure and the leftist constituencies it supports that the damage they’ve done still may not be fully understood.

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles are the Woodward and Bernstein of their generation. And it is LONG PAST TIME the torch was passed.

In case you have not been exposed to the work in question, O’Keefe released this video on Wednesday:

The skinny is that O’Keefe and Giles posed as a pimp and a prostitute seeking ACORN help in getting financing for the purchase of a home to be used as a brothel where Giles’ character would practice the oldest profession, with the proceeds to be diverted to the efforts of O’Keefe’s character to build a political career and a Congressional run. As the scenario played out, the additional element of some dozen or more adolescent girls from El Salvador was introduced; O’Keefe and Giles sought advice on how to structure an arrangement whereby the Salvadoran females, who were to be brought into the country illegally as child prostitutes, would create tax advantages while limiting the legal liability to the couple.

Throughout the video, the ACORN staffers advising Giles and O’Keefe willingly assisted in the formation of the criminal enterprise. It’s patently obvious the ACORN employees are well aware of the illegality they are suborning, but at the end their motivation becomes clear – they want Giles and O’Keefe as dues-paying members and strategic allies.

Shocking and ridiculous as the scenario might be, it is hardly surprising. Some 18 states have cited the organization or its employees for criminal behavior already and there is little doubt ACORN, headquartered in New Orleans and long known as a vote-fraud engine in that beleagured and politically-destitute city, is far more a criminal conspiracy than a civil rights organization – and yet ACORN was a womb for Barack Obama’s political career and the organization stands to see the $53 million in federal funding it has received to date expand to some $8.5 billion from Obama’s stimulus funds appropriated in February and perhaps even larger funding in the future.

The fallout yesterday and today to O’Keefe’s disclosure made for one of the truly masterful and sensational political explosions in modern American history, and Breitbart and O’Keefe’s management of the firestorm has perhaps outdone the finest examples of Alinskyite demogoguery on the Left.

As O’Keefe notes, his work draws directly from the Alinskyite exhortation that “The only way to upset the power structure in your communities is to goad them, confuse them, irritate them and, most of all, make them live by their own rules. If you make them live by their own rules, you destroy them.” He mentions that he is not breaking particularly new ground, as conservative agitators have culled the left-wing herd with such gambits as protesting Lucky Charms cereal in the Rutgers University dining halls on the basis that it is offensive to students of Irish descent or donating money to Planned Parenthood with a specification that black children be aborted with the funds. O’Keefe left out a similar episode in which the libertarian entertainers Penn and Teller sent a producer from their Showtime series “Bullshit” to engage environmentalists in signing a petition to ban water, but it’s of a piece with what he has done.

O’Keefe asserts that Alinsky tactics are “ideologically neutral,” and exhorts conservatives to “create chaos for glory.” More on that later.

His success was complete, and with blinding speed. While the majority of the left-wing establishment media slept on the story, Fox News and conservative talk radio jumped on it with both feet and the video went viral. By today, the Baltimore ACORN video had completely superseded the fallout from Joe Wilson’s “You lie” comment at Obama’s Wednesday fusillade of mendacity on Capitol Hill as the topic of water-cooler conversation nationwide, and it was time for the establishment to address the video.

The response came from CNN, which attempted to soft-play the video as an isolated case and trotted out Clinton-era propagandist Joe Conason to denounce O’Keefe and Giles. ACORN fired the two Baltimore staffers involved and accused Fox News of a “despicable” smear, “part of a coordinated, long-term campaign by Fox to damage ACORN” for racist purposes, while alleging that O’Keefe’s Baltimore video was atypical of the organization’s reaction to his approaches. ACORN alleged that “Fox agents” were turned away at their offices in Philadelphia, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles and “possibly other locales.”

This rather typical ACORN denial upon the exposure of the misdeeds of its functionaries came amid calls by Reps. Steve King, Michelle Bachman and Charles Boustany, among others, along with the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund, to cut off all federal funds for the organization.

That’s when O’Keefe dropped his Little Boy to the previous day’s Fat Man, releasing a video of an identical scenario at ACORN’s Washington, DC office…

The Washington video was a devastating blow, resulting in ACORN’s firing of the two functionaries caught giving even more scandalous advice to O’Keefe and Giles than that given in Baltimore. Upon its release, the most damaging development to the organization yet ensued, as the U.S. Census Bureau cut ties to ACORN and notified them that their services will no longer be needed in compiling next year’s census.

Nor is this explosion over. Based on word percolating through the blogosphere it is my sense that the Washington video is NOT the last. How many more there may be is unknown; what is known is if O’Keefe is able to produce a video from the New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles or San Diego ACORN offices at which a similar story can be told the effect will be devastating in the extreme.

As I’ve said, this is a breathtaking triumph and it signals two things. First, the putrified state of establishment-media journalism in this country makes for a wonderful opportunity for the New Media to outperform the fossilized and declining entities and revive the pursuit of truth in that industry. And second, as O’Keefe points out, the Alinskyite tactics ACORN is so famous for are ideologically neutral; they can be employed by any party outside the power structure.

The former is to be celebrated, as it demonstrates a real opportunity for conservatives to accelerate the destruction of the establishment media. Newspapers are effectively finished as a commercially-successful industry, and it is a matter of time before they are subdued by internet sites; with that as the case the prestige and credibility of left-wing propaganda entities like the New York Times and Washington Post will wither and die to the point where their power is of relative inconsequence. And the television networks the Left controls are in sharp decline; talk radio has largely eclipsed network news as a vehicle, and Fox News’ ratings so outstrip those of MSNBC and CNN as to make such a comparison laughable. In fact, Fox is at times nosing past CBS news on occasion and might well be on the verge of beating ABC now that they’ve made the horrid decision to promote left-wing partisan Diane Sawyer to be Charles Gibson’s replacement as the anchor. That decision came just before the announcement that John Stossel, by far ABC’s greatest asset, has vacated the network and will join Fox shortly.

But the latter is just as momentous, and it is here that we mere mortals can climb aboard the coattails of the Breitbarts and O’Keefes. I encourage all Americans who are opposed to the Criminal Left to study the Alinskyite tactics so masterfully put on display by O’Keefe and Giles and to copy them at every turn.

As O’Keefe mentioned, the Left used those Alinsky tactics – and worse – to seize power in Washington, but in doing so they have sown the seeds of their demise. Because Alinsky’s teachings described using chaos as a weapon to destroy institutions. Unfortunately for the Left, those teachings do not guide them in governance – and now the Left has to defend the battered institutions of government they have so weakened through the years.

America – and in particular the productive segment of it – does not now need and never has needed government institutions like Social Security, Medicare, WIC, AFDC, Medicaid or even the Federal Reserve. The American people can survive and prosper without them; the American people are self-reliant. The Left, and the Federal Government, on the other hand, cannot. When Alinsky, and his disciples Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward who created ACORN’s progenitor organization the National Welfare Rights Association in the 1960’s, were formulating the tactics of a Communist revolution the government institutions in question were considered those of Regular America.

They are not at present.

From Fannie and Freddie to Medicaid to the National Endowment for the Arts, leftists are in positions of responsibility and control – and it is their mission to use those institutions to consolidate their influence. Discrediting those institutions with an eye toward their eventual destruction is both ideologically preferable to the Right and fiscally necessary to the future of the nation as a whole, so engaging in tactics which accomplish the political and patriotic ends of the conservative movement while at the same time embarrassing and displacing our political enemies is ultimately the correct move even if it makes for a temporary period of instability in several sectors. It may be argued, moreover, that the instability of a conservative institutional and cultural revolution is immaterial given that the instability brought on by the insane policies of the ruling Left will have the country in turmoil anyway; if there is to be chaos let us use it for OUR ends.

And so the Alinskyite Left which currently dominates our institutions of power is in an unsustainable and precarious position. Should they encounter a crafty and determined effort on the part of that enormous population of Americans who believe in liberty and small government, they will perish and so will the institutions they hold so dear.

The time has come to bring this about.

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