Evidence Grows Of Obama's Dangerous Foreign-Policy Incompetence

In today’s National Review, Andrew McCarthy details an aspect of Obama administration’s Iran policy which has not received much publicity to date – namely, the administration’s willingness to trade with Iranian-backed terrorists. McCarthy tells the story of Laith Qazali, a Hizbollah operative responsible for killing American soldiers in Iraq before his capture by U.S. troops there, who was quietly released on June 8 in return for the bodies of two British civilians who had been taken hostage by the Hizbollah front group in Iraq Qazali is a member of.

The tale McCarthy tells outlines how far Obama seems willing to go in an effort to change the equation between America and Iran and seek a Grand Bargain with the mullahs. We’ve seen more prominently how the president has been reluctant to call out the Iranian regime for its brutality and repression of its own people, in a vain attempt to preserve some dialogue with an illegitimate, unpopular and evil government that time and time again has rejected even the foundations of a meaningful negotiation.

Iran cannot be negotiated with. It does not wish to be negotiated with. It is a sworn enemy of the United States and it has been engaged in killing Americans and harming America’s interests since 1979. Obama might want to attempt to bring peace between our country and Iran, but such a peace is impossible with the current government in power.

It’s obvious the president is squandering the best opportunity to turn Iran’s government over since 1979. Even if the current revolt in Iran doesn’t succeed, it will weaken and delegitimize Mahmoud Ahmedinejad as that country’s president, which serves America’s interests. As events develop in Iran it is now appearing that the demonstrators are taking rhetorical aim at “Supreme Leader” Ali Khameini, meaning this is no longer about a rigged election but an indictment of the Iranian system as a whole.

These developments should be welcomed and encouraged by the American government, which should be adding rhetorical fuel to the fire by issuing a daily recounting of the crimes of the illegitimate Iranian regime over the past 30 years. Instead, it was only yesterday before the president came forward with anything resembling bold rhetoric about the repression going on in Iran. Too little, too late.

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