On The Yanqui-Bashing In Trinidad

Of all the takes from this past weekend’s Sorry-a-thon President Obama held with the collection of socialist despots and assorted scumbags from Latin America down in Trinidad, I thought this one from Victor Davis Hanson at The Corner on National Review Online was one of the best:

What is strange about the now well-known Obama three-step visits (apologize, then trash Bush, then nod that America was bad before he came along), is that they seem to incite more anti-American choruses rather than fewer, incur more bad will than good, and end with not a single accomplishment, much less concession. (Ortega et al, as the bullies they are, seemed madder at Obama that he was letting up on Cuba than they were with Bush, who wouldn’t). Does Obama think that the American people really want to hear their country ritually trashed from those anti-democrats — who are, at the same time, jostling to keep our borders open to ensure more dollar remittances and more sanctuary for their own fleeing citizens.

Quite so. Between his tiresome failure to stand up for the American people and his consistent lack of any accomplishments in foreign policy derived out of showing this “new spirit of partnership” (weakness and appeasement), Obama is hardly presenting the kind of strong image you’d look for in the leader of the free world. You’ll notice that the waters are beginning to boil around our foreign policy as a result – whether it’s the increased tensions between Israel and Iran, the business of North Korean missiles lobbed over the heads of the Japanese, human rights abuses in Venezuela or all the other international crises which seem to be getting worse as time goes along, what we are seeing is that nature abhors a vacuum and Obama’s Apology tour is creating one.

Take Cuba, for example. If Obama wants to liberalize travel between the United States and Cuba, you could make a legitimate argument that no real harm could come from such an action and it might do some good. But why unilaterally take that step? There are thousands of dissidents rotting away in Cuban jails as political prisoners; couldn’t Obama have at least gotten a deal to release those dissidents and get them out of there? By allowing Cuban-Americans to travel there and export American currency to one of the poorest countries on earth, we are doing a huge favor to the Castro regime whether they appreciate it or not. If they’re not willing to give something up to get that consideration, you change nothing in Cuba by implementing it. Sure, the cultural ties between Miami and Havana grow, but that has never been a problem. The problem is a dictatorial regime which hates the United States and seeks to defeat us, not get along with us.

This stuff is not that difficult. Simple common sense would tell you that if you want to negotiate with the Castros, then NEGOTIATE with them – don’t give away the store to them.

And what did Obama get from his Cuban gambit, among other things? A 50-minute anti-American diatribe from Daniel Ortega and a book about how evil the United States is from Hugo Chavez. In short, a disaster of a summit in Trinidad, from which the rest of the hemisphere will take the impression that this country is willing neither to lead nor to defend its interests.

There is no way this will work, and there is no way the American people won’t get very tired of it before it’s all said and done.

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