Performance, Image and Exposure

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Before you know it, people will be making New Years’ resolutions again, determined not to live the same way in 2017,  that they did in 2016. The Web and our circles of relationships are replete with advice regarding ways on how to take our lives to the next level. Here’s an approach for you to consider, and it’s not complex at all.

In fact, it’s as simple as P.I.E.

PIE stands for Performance, Image and Exposure. It is a simple formula that instructs and guides a person on how to raise social status and gain the ability to make major moves, to fulfill your visions and your dreams.



Total mastery of any particular subject is the Holy Grail of education, and many spend years and a fortune seeking it. Performance refers to competency in a subject or area. It is repetition and practice. Donald Trump is known as a master deal maker. Tiger Woods is renowned for playing golf. Their expertise in the areas of Deal Making and Golf opens arenas and doors for them that otherwise may have never been available (like say, a run for the Whitehouse). When you are known for high-level performance, it creates doors and avenues for you to be noticed and make the right friends. Such performance leads directly to..


Your performance in a given arena helps to determine how you are perceived in the world. Image refers to the composite impression people have of you, based on social status, social behavior and performance. It is your reputation. Back to the example of Mr. Woods, Tiger’s performance in the sport of Golf gives him tremendous social status, and his image therefore is that of a person that is influential and important. His well-established relationship woes however, taint and sully this image. Bill Cosby is another tragic example. His philanthropy endeavors made him beloved the world over. Now, all of that has been wash away by the tide of shame and disgust over alleged rape charges. Performance can be improved over time. Image is formed in the minds of others very quickly, and if muddied, can take a long time and tremendous efforts to sanitize. Good or bad, image grants access to…


Performance and Image opens a path to the right people and decision makers that will invest in you and help you achieve your dreams. This is exposure. It has been said that the biggest of deals have been made on the golf course. How will you play those holes and make those deals if you are never exposed to those players? Every single professional athlete and musician has gained their fame this way. They became known for their performance. This fueled their image as someone who could make a team or a label a lot of money. This in turn granted them the exposure to talent scouts and label hunters,  and as a result they got signed. It will work exactly the same way for you.

Here’s how to get your piece of the PIE:

  1. Find something you are really good at, or something that really interests you, and work on becoming the very best at it. For me, it is writing and speaking. Whatever your “thing” is, go after it full force and become a master. Go to school, watch free training online, subscribe to journals like this. Let nothing stop you from increasing your level of expertise.
  1. Become known for this thing you are so good at. Get online and establish a presence. Attend group meetings and social functions where you can demonstrate your performance. This is how comedians do it. They perform at any and all dives just to build the rep. Same thing goes with music bands. Turn nothing down. Flaunt your wares anywhere and everywhere that you can.
  1. Go after the big fish. Don’t be ashamed or timid. Send Mark Zuckerberg emails. Ask to talk to the president of XYZ Company. Make a concerted effort to meet and interact with the movers and shakers that will believe in you and inject resources into your dreams.

Good luck on your pursuit of PIE!