These are the Kinds of Tough Questions You Must Ask Yourself

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We must think differently.

Below you will find two videos. 

The first is the official footage from ABC News regarding the victims of the Orlando Night Club shooting. The footage features a man in red shoes, who’s been shot in the thigh, being carried by other civilians.

The second video shows the exact same footage, except it was shot by an amateur, and is longer in duration

What is the explanation for this? Why are these two videos different? How does a man being carried by three people because he is shot in the thigh, suddenly stand up like nothing happened at all?

  The Official ABC News Broadcast Version of the Orlando Shooting Victim with Red Shoes

Amateur Footage of the Orlando Shooting Victim with Red Shoes

 If there are any thought-out, intelligent, sincere explanations to explain the discrepancies in these two videos, please join the conversation in the comments.

Thank you.