2017 Will be Year of the Woman, and Here's Why.

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I’ve written before about how the meteoric rise of Donald Trump may have had unusual origins and goals. Another unintentional result of all his rhetoric(or…was it?) has been the reigniting of the American political conversation around the social and economic equality of women. 

Making the most of that momentum, the last half of 2016 has seen former Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton clinched the Democratic candidacy, the first time a woman has done so, ever, in US history. President Obama came in with a inspiring,”Yes we can“. Hilary has followed up with a resounding, “And so we shall”. 

These times are a changing. 

The tumultuous push towards LGBT equality has kept the idea of social justice on the minds and televisions sets of the nation. The people are no longer content to allow things to be as they always were”. 

There is a movement, an ideological movement that despises the status quo. Trump has capitalized on this phenomena, this disdain for establishment. Yet many see him as just another “old boy” when it comes to women and social equality. His disregard for PC has made all of us more sensitive to allegations of misogyny than in previous generations.

Men had better get their egos in check and their lawyers on retainer if they can’t deal with it.

We’re taking increasing notice that in the Age of Hilary, women still find it challenging to break the glass ceiling and defeat the impression that women are not emotionally able to lead

And we’re not happy about it. 

We’re angry...protesting. 

In the era of #everybodymatters, it is no longer solely life, but the quality of life that is garnering energy and effort. Old bulwarks of tradition are buckling. Even Hip Hop, normally a bastion of the objectification of women, has seen Epic Rap Battles of History use the term misogynist to describe Sean Connery’s legendary James Bond. Harriet Tubman, black female icon of the United States slave economy, will soon be on the $20 dollar Federal Reserve note. 

In the United States, the discourse around women in our society is rapidly heating up. There are more and more female heads-of-departments, upper law enforcement, high judges and CEOs. Women in uniform are seeing true combat assignments, and graduating West Point with top honors.  Hilary Clinton’s debate performance in September, and what I believe will be her consequent presidential victory, will be the boiling point.

Men had better get their egos in check and their lawyers on retainer if they can’t deal with it. This is the goal of true feminism and liberation fulfilled (I say true feminism, because there is another version that I will address in another post). 

And it’s about time if you ask me. So how do we prepare for the Year of the Woman?

1. Understand fully that no matter your sense of morality on the subject, there are and will be increasingly litigious consequences if you do not afford women equal social and civil rights. Sexual objectification and emotional harassment are no longer acceptable as they has been.

2. Spread the conversation to your circles. When you hear chauvinistic conversation ’round the water cooler, address it with conviction. There can be no longer, “Well you know how it is (elbow shove)”. 

3. Use this era as a catalyst to address inner and outward failings of philosophy you may have. We’re all wrong about something. Nothing is more beneficial and therapeutic than sincere introspection, soul-searching and catharsis. 

How about you? Any personal experiences with situations like this? Join the conversation in the comments.