Economic Freedom

Everyday, average, American citizens do not think that this November will be the most important presidential election in their lifetime. Regardless of party, government has never really been a solution for their problems. They know from years and years of experience that government diminishes their freedoms and liberties. They know government has eroded away at their right to religious freedom, their right to free speech, their right to live their lives without government intrusions, and even, their right to send private messages whether through the internet or cell phones, and on and on and on…. They know from experience that government represents businesses and organizations, whether public or private, not individuals. Regardless of the winners and losers in any given election, this doesn’t ever seem to benefit individuals. They even know this is the reason they have lost their economic freedom.

Most Americans without jobs know they can’t find a reliable job with any type of security for the future. Most of these Americans would much rather provide for their family, rather than depend on government entitlements. They don’t need unemployment rates, stock markets or economic analysts to predict what they live with everyday. Therefore, when the candidates for president attempt to woo them with economic freedom promises or scare them with economic freedom demise, they will turn off the nightly news, sigh, and wait. They will wait for the true patriots of the USA. The people who are willing to invest in the America that made them prosperous, even though, that requires fighting for the economic freedom of the American worker. The people who think this country is worth the investment as opposed to the many who just walk away until this country is worthy of their investment.

So, when all the correspondents, strategists, analysts and mathematicians break down poll after poll into whatever demographic, person, or preference it takes to make their predictions of what it will take in order to get that vote to win this election; they shouldn’t forget the most important factor, the instinct of the everyday, average, American voter. Certainly, true Democrats will vote democratic just as true Republicans will vote republican, but Independents will vote for the person who is sincere, even if not completely honest on every issue, about the reasons they are seeking this office. This may seem too simplistic to be true, but sometimes, the difficulty comes in looking too long at the wrong answers.

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