Cambridge, MA Police endorse Scott Brown

Everything has consequences. Elections have consequences. Actions have consequences. And yes, Barry, WORDS have consequences as well.

On Jan. 15, 2010, the 212 member Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association put out a letter stating that they had voted overwhelmingly (11 to 2) to endorse Scott Brown instead of Ms. Coakley, even though her husband is a retired Cambridge police officer.

You remember the Cambridge Police, right? They were the ones last summer that Obama called stupid for arresting his friend, Professor Henry Gates. Obama received a back lash then for his comments and supporting Gates inexcusable behavior. He was forced into making an empty non-apology and hosted the “beer summit” at the White House.

Obama probably thought it was over and done. After all, it’s Massachusetts. How could this come back to hurt or haunt him in such a liberal state? What are they going to do? Vote Republican? Well apparently the Cambridge police officers are doing more than just voting Republican, they are endorsing Republican Steve Brown! 

It seems Coakley and her campaign workers have been stressing that her husband is a retired Cambridge police officer in attempts to deceive the public into thinking that she has been endorsed by the Cambridge police. This prompted the Association to put out a letter that clearly states that they are endorsing Scott Brown, instead of Ms. Coakley, in the upcoming election because members of the Association (the Cambrige police officers that Obama called stupid) “inquired and requested” that the Association do so. 

While the letter doesn’t mention Obama specifically, it does mention that the association opposes the Healthcare Reform Bill. Something that everyone knows is Obama’s signature issue. An issue that will be dead in the water when Brown is elected Senator. I sincerely doubt that the Cambridge police officers have forgotten how they were treated last summer and now they have been given the opportunity much sooner than anyone anticipated to show Obama, Coakley and the rest of the elitest democrats that, yes, words do have political consequences.

One can only hope that when Obama is in Massachusetts today that he campaigns in the Cambridge area. Out of all the areas in Massachusetts, I have a feeling he would get the coolest reception and unintentionally do the most damage to Coakley.  

It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold. So I suppose it is appropiate for this election to take place in January, one of the coldest months of the year.