Biden's Astronomical FY09 Earmarks!

Joe Biden’s earmarks for FY09 look to total about $330 million. This is one of 100 senators, one of 535 federal legislators, whose state population is so small it only affords 4 electoral votes.

No wonder we have huge deficits.

I hope McCain nails him and Obama to the wall for their outrageous earmark requests.

Senator Biden continues to review and submit eligible requests to the Senate Appropriations Committee each year on behalf of Delaware projects that could benefit from federal support. The Appropriations Committee, and then the full Senate, considers requests in light of all spending priorities, and, where appropriate, may choose to include support for some of these projects. All projects included in appropriations bills are identified – with their sponsors – as those bills advance through the Congress. Those projects that are successful in securing federal support are announced at the conclusion of the appropriations process. Ultimately, only those projects agreed upon by both the Senate and the House, and approved by the President, will receive federal money.The list below is a complete tally of all projects that are being submitted to the Senate Appropriations Committee by Sen. Joe Biden on behalf of Delaware. Included are the project title, the entity benefiting, and a description and dollar amount requested.Senator Biden’s Delaware Funding Requests for FY 2009Fighting Crime and Safeguarding Delaware’s Families• Assessment of Juvenile Violence and Substance Use in Delaware Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies, University of Delaware, Newark, DETo supplement one of the most comprehensive state youth social indicator sources in the country, the Delaware School Survey, with the ability to report on new developments (e.g., prescription medication abuse, youth gambling, internet drug access), investigate and track emerging trends in youth substance use.Request: $65,000.• Center for Sensitive Optical Detection TechnologiesDelaware State University, Dover, DelawareThis multi-year project will develop a Center to research the sensitive detection of specific proteins, biomarkers, fluorescent labels, and/or atomic and molecular traces, all of which play crucial roles in characterizing complex samples and detecting early signs of dangerous diseases or other potential threats to national security.Request: $1,000,000• Crime Scene and Evidence Tracking ProjectDelaware State University, Dover, Delaware,To continue work on the Crime Scene and Evidence Tracking Project which leverages the use and integration of several emerging and current technologies, products and solutions focused on homeland security, critical incidents and emergency response.Request: $2,000,000• Downtown Video Surveillance CamerasCity of Newark Police Department, Newark, Delaware,For video surveillance cameras in the downtown area to assist in crime prevention, detection, and the identification and apprehension of suspects.Request: $115,420• Gunshot Locator SystemDelaware State Police, Dover, DelawareFor the purchase of a mobile gunshot locator system that utilizes technology to detect weapons-fire over large, complex environments and instantly identify, locate and give a visual of the location of a gunshot event.Request: $1,500,000• High Power Voice and Siren SystemCity of Newark, DE1For the purchase, installation and implementation of a High Power Voice and Siren System in the boundaries of the City of Newark. The goal of the project is to implement an extremely effective option for warning the public that will enable Newark to effectively communicate during events which may threaten the health and safety of the citizens and visitors, including over 20,000 University of Delaware students.Request: $300,000• In-Car Cameras and Digital StorageDelaware State Police, Dover, Delaware,For the purchase and installation of in-car cameras and related equipment.Request: $512,000• Incident Command Vehicle ProjectDelaware State University’s Department of Public Safety, Dover, DelawareFor an incident command vehicle to be used as a mobile command center for large incidents and events.Request: $240,000• Message Switcher UpgradesDelaware State Police, Dover, DelawareTo perform preliminary engineering assessments for upgrading the state portal to The National Crime Information Center in response to FBI upgrades to the system and new security standards.Request: $100,000• Utility of Technology License Plate Scanning InitiativeNew Castle County Police Department, New Castle, DelawareTo enhance information sharing capabilities and assist law enforcement by upgrading the current mobile data terminals in the field and implement the Automated License Plate Recognition System.Request: $896,000 Building Opportunities for Delawareans• Delaware Aerospace Education FoundationDelaware Aerospace Education Foundation, Smyrna, DEFor earth and space education using two unique outdoor exhibits as a focal point for school programming, professional development and public outreach.Request: $545,000• Delaware Art MuseumDelaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DETo establish a program that ensures access to the museum for youth and adults by integrating museum visits into school curricula and increasing outreach to underserved communities in Wilmington.Request: $250,000• Delaware Biotechnology InstituteDelaware Biotechnology Institute, Newark, DETo support Delaware’s growing life sciences industry by acquiring state-of-the-art research instrumentation.Request: $1,400,000• Delaware Children’s MuseumDelaware Children’s Museum, Wilmington, DE2For the establishment of the Delaware Children’s Museum in Wilmington. Delaware is one of only a few states in our country without a museum dedicated solely to children.Request: $1,000,000• Delaware Girls Wraparound ProgramChildren and Families First, Wilmington, DelawareTo provide intensive, home-based counseling and case management for at-risk girls, ages 12-18, over 24 months, using the strengths-based philosophy of Wrap Around Milwaukee improve school attendance, family functioning, and build personal strengths and behaviors so that these girls can succeed in school, work and the community.Request: $740,000• Jobs for Delaware Graduates Expansion of Youth Services for the Prevention of Drop-OutsJobs for Delaware Graduates, Inc, DETo expand the drop-out prevention and transition from school-to-work services delivered by Jobs for Delaware Graduates to at-risk students in Middle and High School.Request: $1,353,000• Delaware Department of Education, English Language Learners TranslatorsDelaware Department of Education, Dover, DETo increase English proficiency of English Language Learners by providing high quality language instructional programs.Request: $1,500,000• Delaware Department of Education, Starting Stronger for Student SuccessDelaware Department of Education, Dover, DETo eliminate school-entry readiness gaps in communities linked with low-performing schools.Request: $200,000• Delaware Department of Education, Vision Network of Schools and DistrictsDelaware Department of Education, Dover, DETo implement the recommendations of the Vision 2015 initiative to build a world-class public education system in Delaware.Request: $250,000• Delaware FuturesDelaware Futures Inc., Wilmington, DETo accommodate more students in the Delaware Futures program which provides academic and motivational support, and cultural enrichment, for economically disadvantaged high school students in Wilmington with the goal of increasing the number of low income students attending college.Request: $200,000• East Side Community Learning Center FoundationEast Side Community Learning Center Foundation, Wilmington, DETo implement an information technology upgrade plan to ensure that low-income students in Wilmington have access to computers and other advanced classroom technologies.Request: $102,025• Latin American Community CenterThe Latin American Community Center, Wilmington, DE3To expand after-school enrichment and counseling services for additional underserved, at-risk children and youth, ages 6 to 17 years at sites in Newark and Wilmington.Request: $250,000• Metropolitan Wilmington Urban LeagueThe Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, Wilmington, DETo include more middle school students in the “Achievement Matters!” project, which provides school and community-based intervention for low-income students and their families.Request: $300,000• Nehemiah Gateway Community Development CorporationNehemiah Gateway Community Development Corporation, Wilmington, DETo upgrade equipment and hire trainers to help prepare un- and under-employed workers obtain and retain employment by providing intensive training in career and computer skills in Wilmington.Request: $100,000• St. Michael’s School RenovationSt. Michael’s School and Nursery, Wilmington, DETo replace the heating and air conditioning systems in the school for low-income children.Request: $406,055• Wilmington Music School RenovationsWilmington Music School, Wilmington, DEFor the expansion of music education facilities and a music library.Request: $500,000Conserving Delaware’s Precious Natural Resources• Center for Critical Zone ResearchThe University of Delaware, Newark, DETo support programs and acquire equipment essential to improving environmental health and economic growth by conducting research into critical soil and environmental problems.Request: $600,000• Christina River Watershed (Red Clay Creek), DEArmy Corps of EngineersTo continue the investigation of the Christina River Watershed Feasibility Study where investigations are underway for flood damage reduction, ecosystem restoration, water quality control, and other related purposes.Request: $300,000• Coverdale Farm Education BuildingThe Delaware Nature Society, Greenville, DEFunds are requested to improve the existing Farm Education facility at the Delaware Nature Society’s Coverdale Farm. Funds will also be used for the implementation of a nutrition program for school aged children.Request: $500,000• Delaware Estuary Watershed Grants ProgramEnvironmental Protection Agency4To fund a competitive grant program, established within the Environmental Protection Agency, for local organizations that are working to protect and improve watersheds in the Delaware estuary.Request: $500,000• Delaware River Basin CommissionDelaware River Basin CompactTo fulfill the federal obligation to support the Delaware River Basin Compact. The funds will be used for water quality, monitoring and assessment, habitat restoration, drought coordination, public water supply protection and integrated water resource planning.Request: $715,000• Flood Plain Management Services – White Clay Creek, New Castle, DEArmy Corps of EngineersTo evaluate flood damage caused by tropical storms, including damage to several local dams and altered channel segments. The study would update floodplain mapping of White Clay Creek and be coordinated with the State of Delaware, New Castle County and floodplain organizations, as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency.Request: $300,000• Forest Legacy Program, Redden State ForestDelaware Department of Agriculture, Dover, DETo purchase property and easements in the Redden/Ellendale Forest Legacy area around Redden State Forest, continuing the protection of working forestlands.Request: $3,750,000• Lewes Canalfront ParkGreater Lewes Foundation, Lewes, DETo continue construction of a 3.9-acre waterfront park in downtown Lewes.- Request: $250,000• Mispillion River, DelawareArmy Corps of EngineersTo dredge within the 6-foot channel that presently poses a hazard to commercial fishing navigation and is also used in the servicing of the lightering operation on the Delaware Bay at Big Stone Beach. The placement of dredged material on the shoreline will result in habitat improvement benefiting the Red Knott, the federally threatened migratory bird, and horseshoe crabs. Funding is also required to perform field inspections, surveys, subsurface investigation work, and plans and specifications for the replacement of the south jetty at Mispillion River.Request: $2,415,000• Oyster Revitalization in Delaware BayArmy Corps of EngineersTo continue a large-scale shell planting and seed transplant program in the New Jersey and Delaware waters of the Delaware Bay. It will increase the abundance of the oyster, population thereby improving water quality and habitat.Request: $2,000,000• Real-Time Satellite Receiving StationUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DelawareFor a real-time satellite receiving station to access real-time data for University of Delaware groups looking at regional issues such as watersheds, shoreline erosion and land-sea interface.Request: $1,000,0005• Wave Data Study, Coastal Field Data Collection, DEArmy Corps of EngineersModeling Relevant Physics of Systems for Estimating Risk (MORPHOS) is the world’s first attempt at developing a physics-based computer model of coastal storms and their impacts that can be used by the broad coastal community, including planners, resource managers, and engineers. At present, the MORPHOS team is ready to resume coastal response work and the Delaware coast is an ideal location. It is large enough to be a system-scale region, but not so large that model development would be diverted to simply dealing with its size. It contains all the necessary coastal features and is impacted by northeasters as well as hurricanes. Finally, the University of Delaware has been a member of the MORPHOS team since its formation and has an international reputation in coastal and ocean engineering.Request: $3,000,000• Wildlife Response AnnexTri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Inc., Newark, DETo construct a 10,000-square- foot, environmentally-friendly building where staff and volunteers can clean and rehabilitate oiled and injured wildlife from throughout the eastern U.S., and provide training for professionals and volunteers in this field, as well as for public education.Request: $500,000Fostering a Stronger Economy in Delaware• Animal Health and Diagnostic LaboratoryState of Delaware’s Department of Agriculture, Dover, DEFor a full-service, fully functional, modern animal health diagnostic laboratory. This laboratory is important to protect the health of Delaware’s, and the entire Delmarva region’s, significant animal industries.Request: $4,400,000• Avian Influenza PreparednessUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DETo upgrade Delmarva’s avian flu diagnostic and biocontainment facilities and to combine Delaware and Maryland’s laboratory information management systems. The goal of this program is to prevent an outbreak of this deadly disease.Request: $3,000,000• Center for Molecular Biotechnology’s Biofuels ProgramFraunhofer USA, Newark, DEFor research by the Delaware based not-for-profit directed toward producing biofuels economically in a sustainable manner with minimal impact on the food and feed supply. Energy from renewable biological sources is increasingly seen as a potential source of clean energy that can reduce and eventually eliminate dependence on depletable fossil fuels, with little or no net contribution of CO2 to the environment.Request: $2,500,000• Clean Energy Research CenterEnergy Institute at the University of Delaware, Newark, DEFor capital equipment for energy research, graduate fellowships for cross-disciplinary energy projects, undergraduate project support and educational outreach initiatives, furthering the mission of the Energy Institute to advance the development and deployment of new and emerging energy technologies.Request: $1,500,0006• Easter Seals New Castle RenovationsEaster Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern ShoreFor a new, 25,000-square-foot addition to their existing facility in New Castle County to help individuals with disabilities and special needs increase their independence by providing job training and placement.Request: $1,000,000• Emerging Enterprise CenterNew Castle County Chamber of Commerce, New Castle, DEFor the creation of the Emerging Enterprise Center. Funds will be used to (1) fully fit-out the Center’s incubator space with walls and office doors, which currently do not exist; (2) construct 4,000 feet of laboratory pace; (3) purchase conference room audio/visual equipment; and (4) fund the initial operating costs including salaries and overhead.Request: $500,000• Grand Opera House RenovationsGrand Opera House, Wilmington, DETo upgrade and replace systems in this historic theater.Request: $1,000,000• Hydrogen Storage System for Vehicular PropulsionDelaware State University, Dover, DETo enable scientists at Ion Power, Air Liquide, and the University of Delaware to undertake a joint venture to develop a hydrogen storage system and to test it in a fuel cell powered vehicle. This project, involving two universities and two industrial partners in the state, would also be of regional and national significance since it addresses the national priority to develop alternative energy sources.Request: $3,000,000• Wind Turbine Model and Pilot Project for Alternative Energy in DelawareUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DEFor a shore-wind turbine at the University of Delaware’s Lewes Campus that would facilitate research, development and policy aimed at marine wind technology development and inform decisions about utility scale power production from wind in the offshore environment.Request: $4,000,000Strengthening Delaware’s Infrastructure• 40′ Fixed Route BusesDelaware Transit Corporation, Dover, DETo upgrade the bus fleet by replacing 68 transit coaches that are used in fixed route transit service in New Castle County.Request: $3,600,000• Angola Neck Sanitary Sewer District ProjectSussex County CouncilTo construct wastewater collection and transmission facilities to serve the Angola Neck Sanitary Sewer District, which will extend the regional wastewater service to a new area of a sewer system; replace current, failing septic systems; and improve water quality.Request: $4,715,019• Automotive-Based Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus ProgramUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DE7To continue the hybrid bus program by extending the range of the fuel cell buses for deployment in Wilmington and Dover and simultaneously develop and install hydrogen refueling stations in these locations.Request: $2,000,000• Camden Infrastructure ProjectTown of Camden, DETo improve substandard infrastructure in low to moderate income school districts in the town of Camden.Request: $2,000,000• Delaware Coast Protection Sand Bypass Plant, Indian River Inlet, DEArmy Corps of EngineersTo reimburse the State of Delaware for the federal share of the annual operation and maintenance costs of the sand bypass plant and the construction of new plant facilities.Request: $1,390,000• DelTrac Integrated Transportation Management SystemDelaware Department of Transportation, Dover, DETo enhance the road emergency call system, expand the travel advisory radio system, and continue installation of a fiber-optic based telecommunications network.Request: $4,000,000• Harbor of Refuge, Sussex County, DEArmy Corps of EngineersTo repair and re-enforce the Harbor of Refuge Breakwater wall. Over the past 30 years, Atlantic seas and tides have removed much of the protective stone rip-rap at the base of the lighthouse on both the east and west sides. The funds will be used to perform stability analysis and condition surveys and to perform design work and to initiate repairs on the breakwater wall.Request: $2,435,000• I-95 Toll Facility Rehabilitation and Highway Speed E-Z Pass ImprovementsDelaware Department of Transportation, Dover, DETo reconfigure the Newark Toll Plaza to incorporate highway speed E-Z Pass toll lanes to ease traffic congestion and improve overall safety will be improved.Request: $6,000,000• Improving Short Sea Shipping to Meet U.S. Freight Transportation GoalsUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DETo study ways to improve intra-U.S. shipping to meet our country’s freight transportation goals.Request: $1,000,000• Indian River Inlet & Bay, DEArmy Corps of EngineersTo perform detailed surveys and analyses to determine the cause of severe scour holes that have developed in the areas of the Indian River Inlet Bridge, Coast Guard facility and jetties. Funding would also be used to perform minimal maintenance dredging of the channel located in the Indian River Bay area, and use the material to fill scour holes.Request: $7,325,000• Indian River Inlet BridgeDelaware Department of Transportation, Dover, DE8For the design and construction of a new bridge along SR 1 over the Indian River Inlet. The replacement bridge will alleviate the safety risk caused by the present scour condition at the foundation.Request: $6,000,000• Intracoastal Waterway, Delaware River to Chesapeake Bay (C&D Canal)Army Corps of EngineersFor maintenance dredging of the upper approach channel and to prepare the plans and specifications for painting of the Reedy Point BridgeRequest: $5,150,000• Industrial Track GreenwayNew Castle County, DETo construct a 4.5-mile segment of paved, multi-use trail, linking the historic City of New Castle and the Christina River.Request: $1,000,000• Johnson’s Corner Sanitary Sewer District ProjectSussex County Council, DETo construct wastewater collection and transmission facilities to serve the Johnson’s Corner Sanitary Sewer District, which will extend the regional wastewater service to a new area of a sewer system; replace current, failing septic systems; and improve water quality.Request: $894,973• Little Mill Creek – New Castle County, DEArmy Corps of EngineersTo include reevaluation of the1995 Feasibility Report, preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Assessment and Real Estate Plan, and amendment and execution of the Project Coordination Agreement and construction. Preliminary problem identification and investigation determined that two hydraulically independent damage areas existed along Little Mill Creek – the Upper Portion and the Lower Portion. To address frequent flooding, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control have expressed interest in amending the existing Project Coordination Agreement to include construction of the Lower Portion.Request: $3,575,000• Mid-County Operations FacilityDelaware Transit Corporation, Dover, DEFor the construction of six maintenance bays and parts storage at the intersection of US13 and SR72 to maintain fixed route and paratransit buses.Request: $1,600,000• Mitigate Hazard Caused by Sanitation SewersCity of Newark, DETo mitigate the hazard caused by two, above-grade sanitary sewer creek crossings and to prevent future damage from floods that would impact downstream water users and the public in general.Request: $800,000• Old Shellpot InterceptorNew Castle County GovernmentTo line and rehabilitate the existing Old Shellpot Interceptor to eliminate contaminated sewer overflows to the Delaware River and basement backups in the community, and also make sewer capacity available for development and redevelopment projects.9Request: $700,000• Pennsylvania Avenue Improvement Project, Bethany Beach, DEArmy Corps of EngineersThis project is needed to reduce the number of incidents of flooding and decrease the duration of flooding events in the northeast quadrant of the Town of Bethany. Flooding closes ½ mile of one of the area’s busiest streets, respectively flooding property, homes and businesses and rendering the Bethany Beach Post Office completely inaccessible. Funds will be used to remove an antiquated, non-functioning piped drainage system, constructing in its place a modern elliptical high volume piped system that will be gated and valved.Requested: $1,770,000• SR-1 and St. Georges Bridges Operations and MaintenanceArmy Corps of EngineersFor regular operations and maintenance in addition to necessary bridge repairs and the installation of a safe walkway platform to conduct future inspections.Request: $5,700,000• Transportation & Public Safety Traffic Information Exchange Pilot ProjectDelaware State University, Dover, DETo continue the work completed this year and link the transportation related data from DelDot’s Traffic Management Center and various public safety systems to enhance critical information necessary for state and local officials.Request: $1,630,000• Turnpike Improvements ProjectDelaware Department of Transportation, Dover, DETo redesign the I-95/SR-1 interchange to provide operational and capacity improvements at critical locations along this portion of the I-95 corridor.Request: $5,000,000• Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks UpgradeCity of Wilmington, DEFor the Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Headworks Upgrade to address a hydraulic limitation at the City’s wastewater treatment plant, which prevents this regional treatment plant from treating additional flows caused by heavy rain or flooding.Request: $1,500,000• Wilmington Harbor, DEArmy Corps of EngineersFor aggressive management and capacity restoration of federal disposal areas and chemical and sediment testing within those areas.Request: $4,195,000Improving the Health of Delawareans• AIDS DelawareAIDS Delaware Inc., Dover, DETo provide a new facility in Dover for people living with HIV/AIDS that will supply services including case management, education and outreach, transportation and other support.Request: $200,000• Beebe Medical CenterBeebe Medical Center of Lewes, DE10For the construction of a new School of Nursing to accommodate the growth in the Center’s nursing program and to address a shortage of nurses in Delaware and across the nation.Request: $967,805• Children’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaThe Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PATo add full-time response specialists and other personnel for the Poison Control Center’s hotline, and to generate and distribute educational material, in response to the State of Delaware’s increased demand for the hospital’s poison control services. The Center provides poison control services to all three counties in Delaware.Request: $500,000• Christiana Care Health SystemChristiana Care Health System, Wilmington, DETo renovate and expand Wilmington Hospital Emergency Department which is currently operating beyond its physical capacity.Request: $3,000,000• Delaware State University, Institute for Public Health and PolicyDelaware State University, Dover, DETo establish an Institute for Public Health and Policy to provide practical knowledge about current and emerging public health issues, including health disparities based on income and race.Request: $2,000,000• Delaware State University, School of PharmacyDelaware State University, Dover, DETo establish a School of Pharmacy to respond to increased demands for pharmaceutical services in Delaware.Request: $5,750,000• Kelly Heinz-Grundner Brain Tumor FoundationThe Kelly Heinz-Grundner Brain Tumor Foundation, Wilmington, DEFor a new public awareness program to help raise awareness and educate the general public and primary care physicians regarding brain tumors.Request: $155,000• La Red Health CenterLa Red Health Center, Georgetown, DETo purchase land and construct a modern and ample health care facility for the underserved in Sussex County. The present locations do not meet the demand for care and offer no room for growth.Request: $500,000• St. Francis HospitalSt. Francis Hospital Foundation, Wilmington, DETo make urgently needed capital infrastructure improvements to St. Francis Hospital.Request: $1,000,000• Wesley CollegeWesley College, Dover, DETo expand the nursing school program, boosting the level of education and training of nursing professionals and addressing the nursing shortage.Request: $1,500,00011Caring for Delawareans• Crestview Apartments Exterior Façade RenovationsWilmington Housing Authority, Wilmington, DEFor a major renovation project that includes structural repairs, energy efficiency measures and the installation of a sprinkler and fire suppression system for Crestview Apartments, which suffered the ravages of a fire in May 2006, causing the displacement of residents, many of whom are elderly.Request: $820,000• Infant Mortality Task ForceDelaware Department of Health and Human Services, Dover, DETo help implement several key improvement recommendations of a state task force on infant mortality.Request: $1,300,000• Jewish Family Services of DelawareJewish Family Services, Wilmington, DEFor an “Aging-In-Place” initiative to develop and implement a model of supportive services to help older adults in Wilmington with independence, socialization, support services and increased quality of life.Request: $300,000• Kappa Achievement – Community CenterKappa Mainstream Leadership, Wilmington, DEFor the completion of a Community Center for youth and families of northeast Wilmington.Request: $1,730,000• Mary Mother of Hope House I Renovation ProjectThe Ministry of Caring, Inc., Wilmington, DEFor extensive renovations that will make the facility handicap accessible and to install a sprinkler and fire system. Mary Mother of Hope House I is an emergency shelter that provides housing and supportive services to homeless women.Request: $500,000• Newark Day Nursery and Children’s Center Capacity ExpansionNewark Day Nursery and Children’s Center, Newark, DETo meet the needs of low-moderate income families, the Center’s facilities are in need of renovations, additions and modernized equipment. Request: $75,000• New Knollwood Revitalization PlanNew Knollwood Civic Association, Claymont, DEFor the building of affordable homes, relocation of a playground and new street lighting in Claymont.Request: $500,000Improving Our Military Infrastructure• C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Phase IIDelaware Air Guard BaseTo replace a 1952 building at the end of its operational life and providing only 65% of the required space for maintenance shops for the 166th Airlift Wing’s C-130 maintenance work. If funded this year, the design can be done in conjunction with the new12maintenance hangar funded by Congress in Fiscal Year 2008, which would save over $1million.Request: $11,600,000• Add/Alt Physical Fitness CenterDover Air Force BaseTo replace the existing undersized facility with a facility that will better serve the base community.Request: $19,000,000• Alter Fuel Storage TankDover Air Force BaseTo bring a 55,000 barrel bulk fuel storage tank into compliance with American Petroleum Institute criteria and military requirements and ensure adequate fuel supply for C-5 and C-17s assigned to Dover AFB.Request: $3,373,000• Army Aviation Support Facility Add/AltDelaware Air Guard BaseTo provide the support facility needed to protect, maintain, and operate the 14 UH-60s assigned to the Delaware Army National Guard.Request: $28,000,000• Chapel CenterDover Air Force BaseTo provide a new, 300-seat Chapel Center at Dover Air Force Base to provide ministry, counseling services, and religious education to meet the needs of personnel and their dependents.Request: $5,000,000• Consolidated Communications FacilityDover Air Force BaseTo provide Dover Air Force Base with a modern communications facility that complies with anti-terrorism and force protection standards, fully supports Dover missions, and reduces yearly operating costs.Request: $12,000,000• TFI – Information Operations Squadron FacilityDelaware Air Guard BaseTo give the 166th Information Operations Squadron a secure facility from which to do their intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.Request: $3,200,000• NOSC Portion, Armed Forces Reserve CenterArmed Forces Reserve Center, Wilmington, DETo build the Navy Operational Support Center portion of a joint Reserve Center and replace the current 40 year old facility which is too small and poorly configured for the mission.Request: $11,530,000• Precision Measurement Equipment LabDover Air Force Base13To replace the currently undersized precision measurement equipment facility at Dover Air Force Base so that the facility can continue to support missions throughout the Department of Defense.Request: $4,000,000• Renovation of Civil Air Patrol HeadquartersDelaware Wing of the Civil Air PatrolTo provide a safe, adequately sized, permanent headquarters for Delaware’s Civil Air Patrol.Request: $300,000Equipping our Troops and Enhancing Military Operations• Advanced Lightweight Composite Armor CellUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DETo meet the Army and Marine Corps’ need for battlefield ambulance shelters that have ballistic protection from small arms, light fragmentation, and blasts.Request: $5,000,000• Armor Ready Composite Cab Transition ProgramsUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DETo build lightweight armor ready composite cabs and all composite military vehicles that the Army can test for structural strength (particularly the ability to accept steel plates) and tactical mobility in the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle fleet.Request; $5,000,000• Center of Excellence for Advanced Composite Maritime ManufacturingUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DETo begin a multi-year effort to develop the technologies necessary to apply existing aerospace composite and other new shipbuilding innovations to Navy shipbuilding. This will allow the Navy to build advanced ships more economically and to build ships that will be more capable, have a longer service life, and be less costly to maintain.Request: $3,000,000• Combat Desert JacketW.L. Gore & Associates, Elkton, MDTo accelerate the Marine Corps’s deployment of the Combat Desert Jacket to all Marines, which will contribute to overall combat effectiveness and morale.Request: $10,000,000• Composite Applied Research and Technology for FCS and Tactical Vehicle SurvivabilityUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DETo allow the Army’s Composites Applied Research and Technology Center to successfully insert more durable, modular, lighter, and protective composite armor and structures into its tactical vehicle fleets and the Future Combat System more quickly and affordably.Request: $4,500,000• Extended Cold Weather Clothing SystemW.L. Gore & Associates, Elkton, MDTo accelerate the Army National Guard’s deployment of second generation Extended Cold Weather Clothing Systems (ECWCS) to all soldiers improving protection in all weather conditions, including cold, wind, rain and sandstorms.Request: $7,000,00014• Garment-Based Physiological Monitoring SystemsTextronics Inc.,Wilmington, DETo provide a new generation of wearable physiological monitoring systems (e.g. soldier’s heart rate, respiration, and activity), without hindering the performance of military personnel. This data will improve tactical decision-making on the battlefield and allow for more effective military training.Request: $4,000,000• Integrated Warfighter Biodefense ProgramQuantum Leap Innovation Inc., Newark, DETo demonstrate and customize software to meet the Future Naval Capabilities Force Health Protection and Warfighter Protection goals of improving military medical care in asymmetric battlefields, non-battlefield care, and responses to infectious disease situations.Request: $10,000,000• Joint Services Aircrew Mask (JSAM) Don/Doff In-flight UpgradeILC Dover LP, Frederica, DETo provide above the neck chemical and biological protection to aircrews that is less burdensome than current protective gear and can be quickly donned or doffed in-flight.Request: $5,600,000• Millimeter Wave ImagingUniversity of Delaware, Newark, DETo accelerate the development of small, inexpensive millimeter wave imaging converters that allow inexpensive, lightweight, off-the-shelf cameras to be used by the military to see through fog, mist, smoke, and sand.Request: $3,100,000• Nano-Intelligent Detection System (NIDS) Improved Handheld Biological Agent DetectorANP Technologies, Inc., Newark, DETo further refine the NIDS handheld detector for more effective field use and more cost effective biological agent detection that can save the military $25 million every year.Request: $8,000,000• Optimized M-25 Soldier Fuel Cell SystemDuPont Fuel Cells, Wilmington, DETo meet the Army’s one-year goal of creating a reasonably priced, lightweight, reliable, and more powerful power source for light infantry divisions in Iraq.Request: $3,000,000• Phoenix Quad-band Satellite ReceiverDelaware National Guard, Wilmington, DETo provide two AN/TSC-156 Phoenix TSST mobile satellite communications terminals for the Delaware Army National Guard’s 261st Signal Brigade.Request: $5,000,000• Plant Vaccine Development ProgramFraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology, Newark, DETo create more effective and quickly manufacturable prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for anthrax and plague using an innovative, safer, plant-based technology.Request: $9,000,000• Reactive Plastic CO2 Absorbent Production Capacity 15Micropore Inc., Newark, DETo establish an efficient domestic production capability for reactive plastic CO2 absorbents, which are an integral part of life support equipment, including Navy submarines, SCUBA rebreathers, smoke hoods, in-place shelters, and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear filtration.Request: $6,000,000• Restoration of Civil Air Patrol BudgetCivil Air PatrolTo reverse the planned reduction in the President’s FY09 Air Force Budget, so the Civil Air Patrol can continue their current level of security operations across the nation.Request: $1,760,000• Vectored Thrust Ducted Propeller (VTDP) Compound Helicopter Technology Flight Demonstration ProgramPiasecki Aircraft Corporation test facility, Wilmington, DE.To meet the Army’s need for helicopters with greater speed, range, survivability, reliability, and readiness as specified in the Army Future Force Requirements TRADOC Pamphlet 525-66.Request: $6,900,000