Hey Charlie Gibson! Here are some questions for you to ask Obama & Biden!


Gibson: Tell me Senator Obama why did you continue to sit with your family week after week for 20 years in a Church run by a Pastor who spewed anti-American sermons? You say that you went to the Church, you let the man officiate your marriage and baptize your children, you were frequent visitors at each other’s homes, and yet you didn’t share any of his beliefs – is this not a little bit like smoking pot but not inhaling? ha ha ha! You democrats. But really Senator Obama, there are thousands of churches in this country, why did you go to that church week after week for 20 years and listen to this man who so obviously hates Americans? (Roll to the countless sermons of Rev Wright.) Senator Obama, you say that as a community organizer you lifted up countless people by their boot straps and gave them hope for a better life. Where are these people now? Why are they not coming forth to testify to your strong character? Are they living in poverty in Kenya with your brother? If you write off your own flesh and blood like that, how can Americans believe that you really value family? If you ignored the voices of 18 million democrats, how can Americans be certain that you won’t ignore them, too?

Gibson: Senator Biden you strongly supported Bush in his decision to go to war. Senator Obama did not – HOW CAN YOU EVER MAKE THIS TICKET WORK? Also, you said as recently as this year that Senator Obama was not ready to be president – WERE YOU LYING? WHY THE FLIP FLOP?? Why did you drop out of the 1988 presidential campaign?

Message to Charlie Gibson – the public will see through the shit you’re pulling with Sarah Palin. I’m a [McCain] Democrat and I am sickened by your ridiculous questions. ALL politicians change their positions from time to time. You can take quotes/votes/decisions from any politician and twist it to your advantage. Shame on you Charlie Gibson for being so blatantly condescending toward GOVERNOR Palin in your interview. I hope that you sit there as stern-faced with the Democratic VP candidate and ask him the same obvious questions because he has a 36-year history of flip-flopping, plagiarizing, and talking out his rear end.