Palin's Religion

As the mother of 4 young kids, I don’t get much time to watch tv during the day. As for reading the newspaper? Forget about it. Therefore, I’ve come to rely on CNN, Fox News, and sometimes even – dare I say it?? – MSNBC to quench my thirst for the news during their nightly broadcasts. I’ve overlooked their biased reporting in recent months. I have tried to sort through their sarcastic comments and personal opinions in search of the facts. But last night I realized that the news media has totally thrown in the towel in this presidential race. They have now combined their efforts to ensure that Obama wins this election. Anderson Cooper is no longer distinguishable from his comrades at MSNBC and FoxNews. In spite of my frustration and continued disappointment, I have kept tuning in because I am a news junkie and I depend on these people to fulfill my addiction. But last night I decided to quit cold turkey!

On Monday night, MSNBC aired an interview with Obama on Countdown in which he addressed all that he “wants” to do as president. He continued his attempts to instill fear in the American public by repeating his same old same old that McCain + Palin = 8 more years of the same. Obama knows that the best time to run for any office is when people are fearful/disgruntled and he’s been playing on this theme from day one. It’s getting older by the minute. It’s not “news.” It’s just a bunch of fluff spewing from someone who has nothing to attack McCain and Palin about so he attacks their predecessor.

Then MSNBC started to talk about Governor Palin’s religion so I switched to CNN only to find that Anderson Cooper was also devoting way too much time and feigned despair to Palin’s religion.

Governor Palin has been repeatedly misquoted in the press as saying that the Iraq war is a mission of God when in fact she has never said that. She prayed with her congration that God’s will be done in the war. Praying “thy will” instead of “my will” is one of the common threads linking western religions together. I have been to many churches and have found that even though each religion has it’s own set of traditions/ceremonies, they all pray that God’s will – not my will – be done.

Cooper and Olberman were both questioning whether Governor Palin would just put everything into God’s hands as VP and wait for Him to give her the answers. PLEASE. Talk about a stretch and an insult to the intelligence of their viewers. I begin every day praying that God’s will be done in my life. And there are millions just like me. I am just beyond insulted as a woman and a Christian that the media would try to turn “thy will be done” into some sort of crazy plea.

Sarah Palin attends a non-denominational church. In non-denominational churches, speakers from all religions are invited to attend and to speak to the congregation. When Mr. Brickner from “Jews For Jesus” spoke during just one Sunday service two weeks ago, Governor Palin was in attendance. She was in the audience. Does that mean that she supports his views? NO! And yet that’s what some reporters have reported and many others have insinuated. Mr. Brickner did not officiate the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Palin. He did not baptize their children. She did not ask him to sit on any political committees. She did not sit in a pew Sunday after Sunday for 20 straight years listening to him spew Anti-American words of hatred. Mr. Brickner was an invited speaker at her non-denominational. He is not her pastor/friend of 20 years! Why is he even being discussed?

The media is grasping and I am just so sick of it. As a woman, a Christian, a (McCain) democrat, a writer, and an American, I am beyond disgusted by the false assumptions about Governor Palin that the media continues to pass on as fact. I can only pray that the American people do their homework and just say “no” to the media until they start doing their job which is to present the news in a fair, balanced and unbiased manner!