McCain's Clean Campaign

There is so very much that McCain and Palin could say to defend themselves in the media, and yet they remain quiet and focused on their goal of restoring our country to greatness.

I am impressed by the fact that McCain has such a strong hold on his campaign. Not only does it speak volumes to me about how he will run the country, it is also a strong testament to his character that he is running such a clean campaign. For example, McCain could easily throw Reverend Wright out there in response to all this nonsense about Palin’s religion and yet he doesn’t even acknowledge the absurdity of it all. With something new and increasingly ridiculous coming out about Palin almost every day now, it seems to me that Obama’s campaign is beginning to spin out of control.

During primary season, Obama supporters would chastise Clinton for using questionable tactics to shed a negative light on Obama in the media. (Remember the photo of Obama dressed in Muslim garb that was leaked to the press for no apparent reason? Remember how outraged Obama’s campaign was?) It seemed like every day there was more and more being leaked about Obama’s persoanl/spiritual life. Clinton’s last ditch attempt to build up her own campaign by tearing down her opponent’s backfired and I believe it’s backfiring for Obama, too.