Another McCain Democrat

Having had a lot of trouble logging onto this website over the past week or so, I decided to check out some other conservative as well as liberal webpages. I am a declared democrat but I always consider all sides and am always up for a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. I vote according to the person, NOT according to the party but I generally tend to go with the democrats. I was very disappointed, however, to discover how pompous the democratic party has become. It’s their way or no way. I was actually banned from one sight and am no longer able to comment/reply when attacked. I was called several expletives but none of my concerns were addressed.

So here I am, ready to officially declare myself a McCain Democrat.

My evolution to this point began when, on one liberal website, I was told that I was not a true Democrat. I was told that if I was a Democrat then I would vote for the ticket EVEN IF I DID NOT AGREE WITH OBAMA! They said that they doubted my loyalty to the party. I said that OBAMA’S SELF-SERVING DECISION TO IGNORE 18 MILLION DEMOCRATIC VOICES BY NOT CHOOSING HILLARY AS HIS RUNNING MATE made me doubt his loyalty not just to his party but more importantly to his country.

I asked why McCain has so many character witnesses as opposed to Obama. I wanted to know where are all these people that Obama “pulled up by their boot straps” as a community organizer? Why aren’t they joining him on the stage at the convention instead of Sheryl Crowe and Stevie Wonder? In response to my inquiry I was called a “right wing tool.”

I also commented that I thought it was interesting that while Americans were donating their hard-earned dollars to Stand-Up for Cancer on Friday night, Obama was at Bon Jovi’s house in NJ attending a private $31,000 per head fundraiser. Where do his priorities really lie? They said that I wasn’t a Democrat and they were wrong. I am a Democrat! A John McCain Democrat!!! And there are millions just like me. We don’t want a Rock Star in the White House! We want a man with a history of dedication, service and perseverence.

One person on a liberal webpage actually looked me up on this page and another page and commented that I wasn’t bright enough to change my name on different sights. I told her that I would never change my name. I’m proud of my name! I know who I am! I’m the same person in Scranton that I am in San Francisco baby!!! Sarah Palin is going to blow Biden away in their debate.

Also, I am sick of the biased media. As a freelance journalist and a mother of four, I was disgusted by the treatment of Hillary during the primaries and I am sick of the sexism and ageism they now promote. SHAME ON THE MEDIA!!

It is for these reasons and more that I am now proud to be a McCain Democrat!