From the Ashes: Fort Hood Will Help Bring America Home

The tragic act of TERRORISM that occurred at Fort Hood will ultimately serve to remind the American people just how incredible our heroes in uniform truly are. Forget our Charlatan in Chief, this is where true hope begins.

Watching the news I have been amazed by the strength, courage, resilience, and valor, shown by our troops, both at Fort Hood and around the globe. It’s terrible that we need this context to be reminded of that, but sometimes that’s how it is.

Moving forward, I deeply believe that all true Americans now understand more fully the seriousness and depth of the challenges we face. I deeply believe that many Americans, like me, saw the bitter contrast between our HEROES and the Fraud from ACORN when he arrived in Texas.

I cried out for Bush in this situation and I know many Americans could not have helped but feel the same way. In Bush’s words so many of us saw the continuation of everything that made this nation great. Deep in prayer, I came to the conclusion that some good would come out of this.

The momentum for TRUTH, FAITH, and our bedrock AMERICAN VALUES will continue in coming months. Forget NJ, Virginia is the key here.

I CANNOT WAIT for 2010.