Loretta's at it again!

Loretta Sanchez, Democratic Congresswoman from the OC, from my, ahem, “esteemed” home state, reminds us when you are a representative from a blue state and the “blu-ewe-ies” are about to attempt a complete coup of the federal government, the rules just do not apply to you.

Please see this account and photo-op from the Orange County Register:



Now, when I was voting Tuesday, I saw the clearly posted signs [‘cuz they were BIG]stating no electioneering within 100 feet of the polling place.

I DO NOT think Loretta is blind; I think she feels, deeply, sincerely, in heart, that SHE is EXEMPT from the RULES.

After all, Nanny P [Nancy Pelosi] gave both Loretta and her sis, Laura, another representative from the Fool’s Gold State of California, an exemption from voting for the Boondoggle-Bailout. Not enough bacon in the bill for the sisters to bring home.

A sterling moment in California history is the cloud over the start of Loretta’s political career when she wrested her seat from Republican incumbent Robert Dornan with allegations of ballot stuffing ~ 624 votes cast from friends who *legally resided *South of the Border ~ were thrown out, along with 124 other fraudulent ballots ~ and 4,700 voter registrations were considered “questionable” by the House investigation committee. However, when you are on the politically correct side of the aisle, the rain clouds only drizzle ~ the investigation fizzled out.

For the returning Republicans, listen to your mothers and remember to take your rainslickers, umbrellas and galoshes when you go to fight the good fight in D.C., ‘cuz why there is a drought here in Fool’s Gold California, the sludge, always thick in Washington, D.C., is only gonna get thicker.