Say it isn't so, Mort ?!?!

I have been watching FNN’s “The Beltway Boys” and have been listening to Mort Kondracke, knowing that he is not as big a fan of Gov. Palin as I am. Initially, Mort was quite negative about Gov. Palin’s ability to step in as President, should that be necessary [and please alert the Media – all the Media – that it is really getting so tiresome to watch them constantly checking Sen. McCain’s pulse]. Well, after watching last Thursday’s debate, Mort seemed to be coming around – he now thinks Gov. Palin will be ready to step in – but only after Gov. Palin has learned the ropes, say, after serving about 3 or 4 years as VP. After all, it is apparent that she has a “high IQ” and “could learn.”

“Okay, well, first impressions are hard to change,” I say to myself, giving Mort the benefit of the doubt.

Then, when Fred Barnes asks Mort how would he feel about Joe Biden stepping in, Mort expressed absolute confidence in Sen. Joe’s ability, and brushed off all Sen. Joe’s gaffes and “errors” as being only “errors of fact which he could look up.” He then cited Senator Joe’s 36 years of service as being a “reservoir” from which the Sen. Joe could draw upon [say, what? a “reservoir”?]

Okay ~ through the filtering of a middle-class upbringing, I regard Sen. Joe’s gaffes as insensitive social faux pas, but my middle-class upbringing also taught me while some “errors of fact” can be corrected by checking with Wikipedia, other “errors of fact” are just the inside the Beltway genteel speak for “down right lie” – and Sen. Joe uttered at least 10 of them during Thursday night’s debate.

I, for one, am getting so tired of the “errors of fact” consistently being uttered by Congress – and the lack of responsibility for any “errors of fact” and “errors of judgment” they make – as typified by Barney-I-gots-to-cover-my-backside Frank and Nancy-I-dun-need-to-lead-cuz-it-is-the-fault-of-the-Bush-Administration’s-failed-economic-policies Pelosi. And if the MSM would take a minute from checking Sen. McCain’s pulse and do some fact checking – oh, my, I am drifting off into my daydreams of Utopia again.

Back to reality – anyway, as I would like to explain to Mort, if Sen. Joe’s debate performance was a display of his command of the issues drawn from the “reservoir” of his 36 years of Congressional experience, then someone has polluted the water – which Sen. Joe would most likely attribute to coal-mining and man-made global warming. Through the filter of my middle-class upbringing, Sen. Joe’s debate performance was just a politician politicking – with lies, denies, obfuscating, and it-not-my-fault-cuz-it-is-never-my-fault reasoning.

Sen. Joe is ready to lead, but Gov. Palin is not? Say it isn’t so, Mort! Well, at least Gov. Palin read up on the job description, Mr. Kondracke.

Now, Fred Barnes commented that Mort appears to hold the Beltway’s “double-standard” in regards to the two candidates, the double-standard being that “longevity matters.”

Hmmmmm … could it possibly be that the “double-standard” referred to by Mr. Barnes is just Beltway soft-speak for sexism?

And has someone informed San Fran Nan? Oh, that’s right – it is not sexism – it-is-the-fault-of-the-Bush-Administration’s-failed-economic-policies.