Bill Clinton's "inspiration"

Last night, admittedly intrigued by the speculation on talk radio that “Crazy Ol’ Bill” Clinton just might be the best entertainment of the DNC convention, I tuned in after dinner to listen.

Ah, Bill was good; he was quintessentially Clintonian. Admittedly, he has developed into a good speaker. As expected – he is an attorney, after all – oops, I take that back – President Bill was disbarred, lest we forget. But he does make his living speaking, so he is practiced.

Yes, be brought back memories [wait ~ is that Barbra humming in the background?] The 90’s came roaring back – Black Hawk down; Elian Gonzalez; the USS Cole; the first World Trade Center bombing; military intervention – but only when you are about to be impeached – boy, a record to be proud of – impeachment and disbarment – but difficult when your military resources are compromised because you have decimated the military – leaving behind the legacy of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, but not leaving behind White House artifacts [oh, Hillary was planning to return them when she moved back in]- and a future with the image of Sandy Berger stuffing his pants – which is more troubling than an image of Bill, Monica and a certain cigar, since Sandy was stuffing his slacks with top secret documents. And most egregious, leaving that pesky Osama bin Laden problem for the next guy to handle.

Yes, my thoughts were flooded with memories – and I broke out in a cold sweat, and felt a wave of nausea. [Note to self – remember to postpone dinner until after hearing Bill Clinton speak; wait – on second thought – note to self – don’t listen to Bill Clinton speak!]
Yes, Bill was truly Bill – glib of tongue, with the lies rolling languidly and trippingly off his tongue. And yet – you may be surprised about this – I found Bill Clinton, well, inspirational! And not just inspirational, but motivating! He moved me to action!

I got right up off of my couch, fired up my laptop, logged onto John McCain’s website, and made a contribution – and signed on to contributing from now through November.

Oh, and I ordered a lawn sign, label pin, a coffee mug, and that cute pink Polo shirt for my daughter.

Thanks, Bill, for the memories.

~ ^-^ ~