I’m a 61 year old guy, who has pretty much “retired”, thanks to the crappy economy caused by corruption/greed by pretty much everybody inside those festering cesspools called “The Beltway” and Wall Street. I spent 8 years in
the US Army, drafted originally for 2 years, and reenlisted for the additional time. Call me a stupid 20-someone
kid. Given what I know 40-some years later, I would have taken my parents offer of funding me to go to Canada vs the draft. Frankly with what is going on in this country lately, I’m beginning to be embarrased to be an American..

I was raised in a good Christian family, where I was taught to respect others, do my best always, and never insult
or deride others for their different views. All my life I’ve tried to follow those teachings as much as possible,
but lately when I hear the vitriol coming out of the left in this country, including members of Congress and the
Vice President of the US, calling members of the TeaParty horrible names, and inciting violence against members
of the Teaparty, I wonder how much longer I’m going to be able to keep my thoughts about these horribly misguided people to myself. I am a “TeaPartier” at heart and agree with 100% of their ideas, though up until now, I’ve been a silent/inactive one, but after hearing the rants coming out of the left, I can’t continue as I have been, on the sidelines, as it were.

It’s VERY sad, but kind of amusing the way the left portrays Conservative people like Limbaugh/Hannity as
“hateful”,”divisive” and many more names not suitable to repeat. I absolutely CANNOT think of ANY Conservative host who has said ANYTHING even remotely close to the despicable comments coming out of the left, nor can I recall any case where ANY Conservative host has threatened bodily harm against ANYONE. The left loves to claim they stand for freedom of speech, but in the end, they ONLY stand for freedom of THEIR speech. If you don’t agree with them, then they vilify you with any/all verbal abuse. POT.. meet Kettle…

I normally believe when dealing with an opposing viewpoint to let the other side rant/rave all they want, I
keep my cool, and not stoop to their level of name-calling, just make calm, factual statements, and refute their
incorrect claims with facts, as I see them. Since the Conservative viewpoint has virtually ALL of the
indisputable facts of our current situation on it’s side, that’s not a big hill to climb.

I’ve reached the point where I strongly agree with Michael Savage in his assertion that modern liberalism is a
mental disorder. Ted Nugent puts it in context, with “You can’t cure Stupid….”

It’s high-time for the TeaParty/Conservative movement, which is the VAST majority of America, to take on these
idiots on the left and throw a bit of their excrement back on them. Since they will/are vilifying the Conservative
movement/Teaparty anyway, we might as well give them back some of their own sewage.