House conservatives do have a nuclear option to deal with the ruling class leadership.

Many of us have a date in time when we came to a realization that conventional methods for reforming government at a national level are just graceful gestures of futility. My moment came on Election Day 2012 when I saw my congressman (Duncan TN 2) being interviewed in a high school gym by a drive-by info-babe and she queried: (paraphrasing) “What legislative accomplishments are you proud of?” John said he was proud of the farm bill, The Farm Bill. Of course if you’re reading this you know that at that time the farm bill was just a twinkle in the establishment’s eye and you also know how it turned out.

In the following weeks there was a grassroots push to replace Boehner when conservatives collectively realized that the speaker was our last line of defense; Article 1 section 7, separation of powers and all that… You know the drill. Four more years of lawless executive overreach was bad enough, two more of Boehner capitulation was even worse. Duncan made the rounds on local talk radio to defend his decision to support Boehner for another term and this was his justification: (Not paraphrased) “There was no one else to vote for”. What a perfect metaphor for the modern GOP.

So by my count we have around 45-60 staunch conservatives in the house with no voice, relegated to the back burner by the house leadership and labeled “extremists” by everyone else. On occasion they can lob a monkey wrench into some legislation while the Hastert Rule is still in play but I have my doubts about how much longer that will last. Conservatives must face the fact that the gains made in 2010 (Nationally) were not only nullified by the progressive democrat machine but also by the ruling class within our own party.

Conventional wisdom throughout the new media dictates that all we need to do is primary and replace establishment RINOS with small government conservatives. This is an excellent strategy except for the fact that we are decades behind and the end of the republican party as founded (amnesty) as well as the fall of the republic (debt, entitlements) are just a couple of years away. The Cloward-Piven fundamental transformation is almost complete.

Searching the blogs and comment threads throughout the new media you will find a whole plethora of ideas ranging from secession and nullification to tax revolts and article 5 conventions. Personally I don’t rule out any of these ideas but sadly the same time frame and high information voter requirements put most of them out of reach, (well at least before Rome burns to the ground that is). This basically leaves us with ousting the current republican leadership in the house before they completely destroy the party and by proxy the entire republic.

I have a “nuclear option” for house conservatives that will remove the establishment leadership almost instantly. It’s not pretty and will require discipline and cunning rarely demonstrated by everyday politicians. Are you ready for it? You might want to sit down and stow your beverage if you have one.


House conservatives should call a joint press conference and declare that they are going to do a Jumping Jim Jeffords and change their party affiliation to Democrat, effectively flipping control of the house back to the democrat party. A fixed date for the switch should be set and no questions should be taken other than making it clear that this is not a joke or a hoax. It is very important that these brave souls do not reveal to anyone their reasoning for the switch for at least a few days. This will require a “Benghazi survivor” level of silence. It will be incredibly tough but I think it can be accomplished.

What happens next? It’s all very predictable actually. The House leadership will demand a closed door “What the hell are you doing!” meeting with the defectors at which time the conservatives will inform Boehner and company that his speakership is over, one way or the other. Boehner and his ruling class will have to decide whether they want to participate with the majority (which includes We The People) or preside over the minority. I think he will buckle and resign with little fanfare. Game over. We win.


Let’s say Boehner grows a set and calls bull on the coup d’état. There are a million “What If’s?” to ponder but there are also several ancillary benefits that would come with a prolonged game of chicken:

1) Conservatives will get to define the narrative throughout the entire media. There will be nowhere for the old media to hide and this story will dominate the news cycle until the standoff is resolved. This isn’t a 13 hour filibuster that will magically disappear the next day.

2) This will set the stage for conservatives to draw a clear distinction between themselves, the ruling class within their own party and the progressive democrat party. You want to defund Obamacare? Would you like to concentrate on the economy and jobs instead of amnesty and gay marriage? How about the price of gasoline and groceries? This is an excellent opportunity to take your message to the people outside of an election cycle.

3) The Frank Luntz—Man on the Street—Low information Voter will get an introduction to the Limbaugh Theorem in prime time. The left will be in a 24/7 hysterical conniption fit declaring that there is no room in the democrat party for these “defectors” even if it means their party retakes leadership positions in the House. They will inadvertently prove Limbaugh’s point while simultaneously demonstrating that they need Boehner to constantly cave to beltway pressure’s to get their agenda through congress. Without a republican majority for Obama to constantly campaign against (even if it’s only on paper) the left will have to switch to “governing” and we all know that fails every time it’s tried.

Well there is my crazy idea for the year but before I put my soap box back in the attic I would like to close with this one question: Who is the leader of the Republican Party? I know it’s a rolling joke in the conservative media because the legacy media picks a new one every couple of weeks to match up with their current narrative… but I’m being serious. Is it not the highest ranking elected republican official in Washington? If it is then that would be John Andrew Boehner (Ohio 8th). A man that never saw a symbolic vote he didn’t like and folds like a cheap suit whenever it is time to fight for us.

We can do better fellow patriots. In point of fact we have to do better and soon… Before it’s too late.

/Salute    ————luvntheBIGsites

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