Can we convene that Article V convention now?

Can we convene that Article V convention now?

I see no other option at this point. From Wickard v. Filburn ~to~ Realville v. Sebelius it’s apparent that “We The People” Have finally been deemed irrelevant by all branches of the federal government. Every action has a reaction and Chief Just-us Roberts’ (RINO-ObamaVille) opinion colorfully points out our duty to change the very constitution that the court, congress and the executive branch have nullified by decree, fiat and downright constitutional insanity.

Those of us in the “Fairtax” (or tax replacement) camp got a monster boost with this bone head decision. The mandate is a Tax? Really?… The Narrative has now been successfully transferred from the commerce clause to the tax code. YAY! (Sorry… It’s the ONLY good thing I see that came out of this nightmare). For any tax (REPLACEMENT) to work the 16th amendment has to go… Doesn’t matter if it’s “Fair “or “Flat” Or Ryan’s plan… Whatever; until the constitution is amended to clear the way for a new form of revenue we can only look forward to more Fiats, Decrees and constitutional lunacy.

“But Luvn, But Luvn— November!” Yea I remember the last “November”. We did well. And we will do well again this go around. I also remember a vote on the BBA when everyone got settled in DC though. What was it again? 22 brave souls?


Look, I’m not going to give the false impression that I think it’s even possible for the states to convene a convention or for us to get the 2/3rds and 3/4ds necessary to do it El-natural with super majorities. (IF we get em’) I’m just pointing out that it’s all we have left. Chief Just-Us Roberts (RINO- ObamaVille) sealed that deal… Unconstitutional? PPPffft, sorry putz, just consult your tax code. I don’t care how many republicans get elected, (to the federal side), as long as the 80,000 pages of tax code and their power to add/remove or manipulate those pages remains intact… we WILL remain perpetually screwed. The fate of our republic has been handed back to the states and our state legislatures with this SCOTUS opinion… whether they want that responsibility or not.

Ok, with all that said I give you the: LuvntheBIGsites Article V Convention wish list! Heh… Please feel free to expand on the list or completely destroy my feeble arguments… (Sarcasm is welcome). 🙂

1. Article 1 section 8 thru the 16th amendment should be scrubbed including anything else in between that has to do with the fed’s power to tax. For a REPLACEMENT, LuvntheBIGsites likes a point of sale consumption tax on new goods and services @ or around the Laffer curve (19% ?) with a 10% debt reduction add-on to sunset when the national debt is paid off. Forever.

2. Enact a Balanced Budget Amendment that stipulates no federal outlays (with the exception of War) are to exceed revenue generated by the new tax structure. EVER. If this means the end to some “entitlement “or useless government programs… Sweet!.

3. The 17th Amendment should be scrubbed as well, (election of Senators with a popular vote). Seems to me that it all went downhill fast after the 16th and 17th were ratified. Examples: As crazy as California is would the state legislature send Boxer and Feinstein back to the senate over and over again with all that oil off the coast and a self-inflicted agricultural dust-bowl disaster over a “fish”? What about states that dig coal up and down the eastern seaboard? Or Mid-western natural gas?  Wouldn’t those states send people to Washington to represent them that come from Realville instead of environmentalist wacko’s? Would Arizona send McCain back over his big campaign finance “win” while his state is being over-run with illegals and drug gangs? Seems to me the best way to return power to the states is to let the states send representation to the senate that would reflect their own self-interest, not some special interest.

4. State legislatures should be able to organize a national ballot measure (minimum 2/3 states have to approve) for a popular vote among all states for the removal of a Supreme Court Just-us from the bench. Re-writing statutes to keep them alive from the high court has to stop, Period. Also we need some more checks and balances with regard to lifetime appointments. (Note: I’m not talking about Roberts here as much as I am about justices who look to “foreign law” for guidance or council others to NOT look to our constitution for guidance in creating their own). These are No-Brainer Blamstick offenses.  Bottom line: SCOTUS appointees need to fear the electorate too, (not just the Op-ed pages in the DC click).

And finally… (Tongue in cheek):

5. No graduate of Harvard University will be allowed at the convention or to participate in the re-writing of the constitution. (Nothing personal people but you had almost a century and you failed miserably). Didn’t Just-us Roberts (RINO-Obamaville) and Barack Hussein Kardashian (Mayor-Obamaville) go to Harvard? I rest my case.

Happy Independence day all… /Salute