The Three Reasons I support Herman Cain

/Rant on

1) He is the only candidate advocating a complete “replacement” of the Tax code. Every other candidate/media personality/Redstate poster seems to think that our byzantine 80 thousand page disaster can be amended or repaired with the snap of a finger. (Insert your own Unicorn/fairy dust analogy here.) I didn’t go to Morehouse or No-House… But anyone that thinks it can be repaired is either and idiot or a liar. Our tax code (and The EPA) has driven Millions of jobs outside of our borders and they are not going to come back because some establishment “R” (in one branch of our government) is going to lower the “corporate tax rate”. The only way they are coming back is if they know the playing field hasn’t been rigged to change every 4 years. That’s going to take REAL reform: Fairtax, 999, Flat Tax, (insert your idea here) doesn’t matter. Get it? Herman Cain does.

2) There is a very real possibility that we will send another 60+ newbs into the house and take the Senate in 2012. Another 60 in the house may be enough to shift the balance of power away from the establishment but if Perry or Romney takes the White House that guarantee’s Boehner remains speaker. If Cain is the nominee a real leadership shake up is possible. If you’re a Tea party conservative, that should be music to your ears. If you’re not a Tea party conservative… It should at least give you pause. Whatever argument you have against Cain you can’t ignore the window we have. Get it? Herman Cain does.

3) And finally Cain’s “republican” nomination and Landslide win over Obama would put the final nail in the old media’s coffin. The Race card and The class warfare card will go up in smoke in one campaign… (and it won’t even be hard). Social media technological advancements (and unity among the New Media) will for the first time prevent the old media from defining the narrative. When that happens, (Even for one presidential election) We win. Get it? Herman Cain Does.

/Rant off