The Bacon Analogy: The Libertarian Case Against Gov. Contraception Edicts

The virulent Left and Democratic Party have their talking points all in a row.  They have decided to take a bunch of quotes from Rick Santorum and create a false narrative about Republicans and contraception.  We’ve been figuring out their game these past few days starting from the ABC News debate moderated by George Snuffalupagus.  The Democratic operative, pretending to be a journalist, had an opening salvo to Gov. Romney about states banning contraception.  Romney neatly sidestepped the question, but now the Left has turned the police powers of states into a movement to ban condoms.  They are also equating not paying for contraception with banning it.  In fact, their movement assaults the very liberty of conscience our forebears handed down to us.

From Newsbusters, the transcript of an exchange by Rachel Maddow and Alex Castenallos with David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’ this past Sunday.

“MADDOW: …he would like to end all family planning support at the federal level. He would like to eliminate federal–Title 10. Rick Santorum says that he would like states to be able to make contraception illegal. You can try to make this an issue of, oh, Democrats hate religion, but the fact is churches were exempt from this from the beginning, this is about providing health insurance. And the Republican Party is…


MADDOW: …waging war on contraception at this point in a way that the–where the–and that’s where the discussion is going.”

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/02/05/rachel-maddow-falsely-claims-santorum-wants-states-be-able-ban-contra#ixzz1meQ8kiMe

Maddow and the extreme Left have decided to make this a partisan issue where none exists.  By making an outlandish claim against Santorum, she’s hoping to paint all conservatives as theocrats while Obama dictates to private companies and providers what coverage they must have and at what cost.  Snuffalupagus, probably at the direction of Media Matters, opened the door and then Maddow and her minions go rushing through it, without a shred of truth.

It is getting pushed as a meme on Twitter as well as on the leftwing blogs.  Last night a character with the handle “@theresthatbear” sent two video clips of Santorum to me alleging Santorum, “in the 1st video he said as public POLICY as president he wld be against it. In the 2nd he said he wld support states banning it.”  Of course, neither of them suggested anything of the sort.  In fact, Santorum clarified with this thought.

“To be clear, he does think that laws banning birth control would be dumb “for a number of reasons. Birth control should be legal in the United States. The states should not ban it, and I would oppose any effort to ban it.’’  Once again from the Newsbusters’ article by Noel Sheppard.

The MSM is also taking this imaginary ball and running with it.  From Boston.com, Deborah Kotz writes, “It turns out, he’s very much against it, apparently even for married couples, and would reverse any government policies that mandate contraception coverage if he became president.”  She’s accurate in this assessment of his position from an interview at Caffeinated Thoughts.  Santorum doesn’t support requiring by government dictate contraception coverage to anyone; married, single, separated, divorced, celibate, or undecided.  Contraception coverage should be entirely free of any government edicts period.  However, she makes an enormous philosophical leap with this statement.

“While Santorum is entitled to his beliefs, I’m trying to discern how he rationalizes adopting governmental policies that pretty much go against the practices of the vast majority of Americans.”  Kotz is suggesting since most Americans use contraception, the government policy should favor it by mandating for payment.  This argument is absurd on its face.  I will use the “bacon analogy” to highlight how ridiculous it is.

I am a big fan of bacon, as are most Americans.  A vast majority of Americans eat bacon, love it, and will add it to their diet when they can.  However, I don’t believe government policy should mandate the buying of it.  In fact, bacon, as Santorum’s argument suggests, may not be that good for you.  However, he doesn’t say it should be banned in the American diet.  It shouldn’t be required either.  Many religiously observant people, like Jewish and Muslim adherents, are adamantly against bacon.  If the government required the purchase of bacon, it would offend their religious convictions.  In fact vegetarians could be offended as well.  Regardless of ‘religious’ conviction, it shouldn’t be mandated because of philosophical belief independent of religion.  Therefore, even though Americans favor it, the government should keep its grubby little hands out of the market and let people decide for themselves. As Santorum has argued, neither mandate nor ban bacon, or contraception.  Let the people decide.

As you can see, the issue of contraception is a red hot issue made toxic by Obama’s shills.  We need to remind people that it’s a deeply personal issue that shouldn’t be affected one way or the other by the government.  In fact, this issue is the quintessential case for American liberty.  It is indeed fully free citizens’ right to decide for themselves.  It is most certainly not an issue for our ever expanding federal government to address.  It only causes problems and strips us of our right to conscience, regardless of belief.

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