The Smearing of CPAC

The lying has taken on a new level.  There is a sick smear of CPAC going on within the left wing media apparatus.  A prog.soc shadow group called “Right Wing Watch” has initiated a desperate campaign against the entire conservative movement.  They are alleging a so-called leader of a “white supremicist” movement was part of a conference at the meeting.


They are arguing the entire conservative movement is complicit in a war against “other races.”  Their mudslinging knows no bounds.  The links for these accusations are a simple circular bounce back to the allegations made by other nutjobs.  While we cannot know the intentions or motivations of any person, the indictment of Robert Vandervoorst is spurious at best.  This is circulating around Facebook.  It isn’t possible to substantiate because the ideas are not supported by any evidence. They are like the nonsensical accusations of racism against the Tea Party, a presumption of racism based on dissent from the liberal policies of the far left wing of the Democratic Party.

Several Republicans are pulling back from statements about this conference because of leftwing attacks due to this ridiculous attack.  This kind of assault will be coming to a website near you.  You won’t hear any apologies from the Democratic establishment as to any wingnuts supposedly associated with them.  You also won’t hear of any media outlets asking them questions.



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