The Chevy Volt: Symbol of the Obama Administration

Nothing exemplifies the history and accomplishments of the Obama administration like the Chevy Volt.  The Chevy Volt was an experimental electric car that was supposed to bring our nation into the future.  The Obama administration was an experiment that would change our economy from a capitalist, free market economy, into a centralized command and control economy planned by the brightest and the best.  The Chevy Volt was the transformation of General Motors from a company that wasted resources into one that would create clean, green jobs and provide a template for the rest of America.  The Obama administration would make the United States the country that made collective socialism work and thereby provide a template for the world on smart economics.

Both are abject failures.

The Chevy Volt had been on the drawing boards at GM when they went belly up.  The Obama administration took over GM and decided to make the Volt their car of the future.  Planners had said it wasn’t ready, but that didn’t stop Obama.  Whether the design was ready or not, it was time to show the world and the rest of America what the progressive/socialist economic planners could do.

The Obama administration decided it would recreate the Clinton economic miracle by retooling the energy sector with ‘green’ energy.  Clinton’s economic miracle was an accident of economy and technology.  Computers became smaller and fast enough to do a lot of good.  Ordinary Americans got computers and businesses refitted with these increasingly faster models with better, more useful programs.  The Internet exploded and we had tons of jobs and new industries created.

The Obama administration wanted to arrange conditions so the new, green technology would affect the same economic miracle.  But, the efficiency and effectiveness of the green solar, wind, and alternative fuels weren’t nearly advanced enough.  Didn’t matter.  Obama and his team began pouring money and mandates into experiment after experiment.  Didn’t work.  These companies are going broke and so goes the rest of the country.  Solyndra, Sun Power, and a bevy of other green energy businesses are failing because the technology isn’t ready.  Just like the Volt.

The Chevy Volt isn’t safe.  After crashes, it can burst into a ball of flames.  The federal government knew this.  GM knew this.  But, regardless of safety issues, they sold them anyway.  They wanted to prove to the world and to Americans just how much smarter they were than the rest of us.  They’d hope these cars didn’t burst into flames.  They hoped nobody would notice they produced a product that was unsafe at any speed.  They even hid the fact it didn’t work, but we figured them out.

The Obama administration and the Democratic Party wanted to reform health care.  They hobbled together a series of ideas to have our health care payment system controlled by the president.  Critics argued this entire mousetrap of bizarre notions and half-baked theories would force business to drop employee insurance plans.  They were also warned that all these mandates  would make insurance costs higher and therefore raise prices for premiums.  The Obama administration put their fingers in their ears and went;  la, la, la, la, la.  We are now watching as people get booted from their insurance at work and costs escalating even more dramatically than they did before.

The Chevy Volt isn’t selling.  They have sold just a few thousand cars even with expensive government subsidies and tax breaks.  Nobody wants the car.  Most people intuitively understand it was a rushed product made for political purposes and probably not a good vehicle.  They also know just because a car runs on electricity, doesn’t mean it’s cheaper.  In fact, it increases electric bills far more than it saves money on gas.  It isn’t a product that works as it should.  It’s just a silly experiment done by sillier government fools.

Obamanomics isn’t selling either.  The bizarre mix of tax cuts here, tax increases there, a subsidy for him, a regulation for her has all made people question the concepts.  How is this supposed to save the economy?  How will paying off teacher unions increase sales?  How is subsidizing a train to nowhere making products cheaper?  Where are the jobs when it seems all we do is cut unemployment checks?    It doesn’t work on a common sense level.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  It doesn’t even pass the ‘hold my nose, and say a prayer’ test.

Neither the Chevy Volt nor the Obama administration are good bets.  I think that is becoming increasingly obvious.

Crossposted at Looktruenorth.com