Throw Out the 43%ers!!!

“There are few things more precious in a democracy than the public’s trust in our government and our leaders,” Klobuchar said. “The people of Minnesota have put their trust in me. In everything I do as Senator, I will be guided by that trust. I’m coming to do the people’s work.” Sen Amy Klobuchar at her swearing in ceremony upon becoming a Senator representing Minnesota on January 4, 2007, as reported on her website.

On that day, our national debt was $8,670,596,242,973.04.  Klobuchar was joining a new Democratic majority in the Senate.  President George W. Bush was still in the White House.  The Democratic Party had taken control of both houses of Congress.  There were promises going around the nation about new priorities, overspending by Republicans, and misallocation of funds.  Klobuchar promised to be a watchdog of tax payer dollars that would more responsibly budget money and make our nation more fiscally secure.

From a floor speech on September 26, 2007, “I think you and I both know, Mr. President, having spent the last two years going around our states, that people are yearning for more public accountability from our government.”  Here is the express promise from Klobuchar that she is on the side of fiscal responsibility and accountability.  Advocating for such a position, she is clearly holding herself and others to a standard of being careful with our money.

“When people are given unlimited contracts, no-bid contracts, I think you can expect excess. I come from a prosecutor background. We know when people are given leeway — and maybe even when they have the best intentions — the people on charge, on the ground, it leads to fraud and the government is on the short end of the stick.”  Klobuchar is saying how Congress must take care in government contracts and promises in its role as controller of the purse strings.  She is making the argument that government spending can get out of control if not closely watched and the treasury guarded.

On February 4, 2008, Klobuchar blasted President Bush with this statement, again from the floor of the Senate. “The President’s budget continues a familiar pattern of misplaced priorities and continues a seven-year pattern of fiscal irresponsibility, borrowing money and then leaving an ever-larger debt to our children. In just seven years this administration took a budget surplus of $158 billion and turned it into what will soon be a budget deficit, something like $300 billion, $400 billion. It is quite an accomplishment.”  Klobuchar is bemoaning a change of about $400 to $500 billion in seven years while at war with Al Quaeda and in Iraq.  She is quite right that such an explosion of deficits is irresponsible and cannot be sustained.  These are moneys that are passed forward to future generations to pay.

Fast forward, hundreds of votes and trillions of dollars spent and where are we.  Klobuchar arguing for raising the debt limit, from the floor of the Senate, July 29, 2011 “While I believe that we have reached a defining moment as a country which should not be wasted, we need to reduce our debt, we also can’t afford to play Russian roulette with our economy by toying with the debt limit. We’ve had months to work this out, yet less than six days from a possible default that would plunge this country into a serious crisis, here we stand in opposite corners of the boxing ring.”  Klobuchar has been in office four and a half years.  She is mouthing the words of budget responsibility and savings.  She has pretended to be fiscally careful and called on Congress eliminate waste.  But, what are the results of her actions in the Senate?

The national debt on November 17, 2011 is $15,039,350,324,589.25.  Since entering the Senate and promising fiscal responsibility, Klobuchar has voted for budget increases that have busted our debt almost $6 and a half TRILLION dollars.  Klobuchar has voted repeatedly for more and bigger budgets.  Program after social program have been enacted.  She voted for Obamacare, a program that promises to explode the federal and state budgets further.  She has voted to add bureaucracy after bureaucracy to our government.

It is popular today to call people 1%ers or 99%ers or 53%ers or whatever.  Therefore, after calculating the debt that Klobuchar has created, we can determine a new moniker for her.  Klobuchar is a 43%er.   She had been an active part of the Washington establishment that has increased our public debt over 43% in the past four and a half years.

Can we afford to trust such a person?

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