"They act like they caught the unabomber instead of the three stoned Stooges"

Well, we are seeing the fruit from the poisonous tree of progressive/socialism and it isn’t pretty.  Coming out of Portland’s KMTR.com, ‘I-5 traffic stop yields incendiary devices and gas masks,’ a story about three Occupy Portland protestors shows these people are growing more incendiary.  In a routine traffic stop for speeding, three young men were found with fireworks, glass jars, and masks and goggles.  This isn’t terribly surprising as we have more and more reports of Occupiers attacking police with weapons.  What is getting a bit frightful are the reactions people are having to this escalation of preparation for violence.  One such commenter on the website basically pooh-poohed these men’s actions.  The reactions of his friends on Facebook were even more dangerously naive.

A police officer stopped a gray Suburu Outback going 81 miles an hour on Interstate 5.  Here’s what the officer found:

“The driver of the car was identified as William Maxwell Patterson, 21.  The passengers in the car were identified as Emery Nicholas Luff, 21 and Zachary Salzwedel-Kemp, 20.  All three were from Klamath Falls.

During his initial contact with Patterson, Deputy Postlewait detected the odor of marijuana coming from the interior of the car.  A search of the car yielded a baggie of marijuana and paraphernalia for smoking marijuana.

In addition to the marijuana, Postlewait found a quantity of firecrackers and two commercially manufactured mortars like those fired into the air during professional pyrotechnic displays.  The mortars were contained in glass “Ball” canning jars.  One was found on the floorboard at Luff’s feet; the other was in a jacket belonging to Luff.  Also found in the car were two gas masks, some protective eye goggles, and safety helmet.

All three suspects said that they had spent the night at the Occupy Portland demonstration.  They admitted that they brought the seized items to the demonstration in preparation for a confrontation with police when they expected to be forcibly removed from the park.  They admitted being at the protest during the police confrontation and had left about an hour before Postelwait stopped them.”

As mentioned, we must ready ourselves for more violence surrounding these protests.  However, what concerned me most were the reactions in the comments section of this story.  A character named Dentfixer wrote this:

“Those are NOT gas masks. Those are paint fume respirators. The white/gray one is a 3m brand used by automotive painters. Calling them “gas masks” when in fact they are NOT is just to gain more hype on this story. Gas masks cover your eyes as well to keep the effects of tear gas out of your eyes.”  Now, I’m no automotive restorer, but I don’t believe fireworks are usually used in painting cars.  Nor are Ball mason jars with fireworks in them used to remove rust.  In addition, this genius misunderstands the idea of a ‘gas mask.’  He is under the impression that paint fume respirators aren’t gas masks.  Of course, any liquid suspended in air is a gas.  A large portion of the air around us is in fact water vapor.  Paint in a mist is essentially a gas.   These masks are intended to protect the wearer from tear gas or pepper spray, both liquids suspended in air.

He also posted this little gem.  “”Commercial grade mortars” are about 10X that size. Yes those are in fact illegal, but they are NOT commercial grade mortars. It’s like calling a BB gun an assault riffle. [sic]”  First he says they aren’t commercial grade, and then concedes they are in fact illegal without a commercial grade license.  You can’t have it both ways.  Furthermore, he completely ignores the mason jars which had mortars in them making them weapons that can maim and even kill.  That turns this into a weapon of serious proportions.  The Times Square bomber had loaded up his vehicle with commercial fertilizer, but it wasn’t his intent to feed his garden with it.  He was using it to kill people.

I’m not arguing that some moron in a comment section reflects the sentiment of an entire community.  But, when we go to the pictures on Facebook, the comments there contribute to an overall sense that these wanna-be terrorists are nothing more than a couple of kids throwing firecrackers into a lake.  Here is the link:


“They act like they caught the unabomber instead of the three stoned Stooges.” Mr. Michael Weber opines.  One sensible commenter pointed out this could cause a riot and could get ugly. (Do you think?)  While another brain surgeon says this. “yea that was the top story of the news last night… and thats what i said why are they acting like this is a big deal. they are some kids that are stoned thinking they are being funny… teach them a lesson and move on…”

Well, when Tea Party protestor wore tricorn hats and had signs that said insulting things, people like these were outraged.  But, three imbeciles with fireworks, a jar intended to shatter and become shrapnel, and masks and goggles to defy the police is no big deal.  Just some kids from the neighborhood getting a little baked and trying to maim or kill people.  That’s all.  Nothing much here.

For those who wonder if this isn’t an overreaction to the event, here is the rest of the police report’s findings.

“The subjects were questioned further about the explosives. Each of them said that they knew the “Ball” canning jar would explode and cause glass shrapnel to fly out and possibly cause injury to anyone close to it.

Salzwedel-Kemp and Patterson described an incident that occurred when they were younger.  They put a homemade “Piccolo Pete” explosive inside a beer bottle and detonated it. The resulting explosion caused a shard of glass to fly into Salswedel; lacerating his leg so badly that he required stitches to close the wound.”  These are not just rebellious teens out to do something stupid.  These are premeditated terrorists who just didn’t get a chance to use their weapons.  Since they had actually experienced the danger to limb the homemade implement could cause, they cannot possibly be considered innocents.  They assembled and brought these things to the protest camp for the express purpose of hurting others, whether they were police or bystanders or other protestors.  Apparently these three amigos didn’t care.

Unfortunately, it appears some of their compatriots on Facebook concur.  Without serious intervention, I fear this will get uglier and uglier.  I’m just not sure our leaders and our fellow Americans may be up to it.  This isn’t a mere ‘acting out’ anymore.  This is becoming deadly serious.

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