The Mighty Morphing Dopplegangers

Its Halloween season a year before a presidential election, and so now’s the time for progressives, socialists, and Democrats to pull out their handy masks and start pretending they’re not whack-a-doodles.  We are entering into that special season when up is down and down is up, and far leftists who have engaged in smear campaigns and outright lying start playacting as responsible, reasonable members of society.  Here are just a few of the tactics the collectivists use when hiding their true objectives and attempting to sway the politically disconnected.

The Mask of Objectivity

This usually occurs a little later in the season around primary time, but being burdened with a president who is clearly a failure has brought the disguises out a little earlier.  Our reliably liberal friends, family, and colleagues start speaking in measured tones and acting like they aren’t flaming leftists.  They will converse calmly about the merits of moderate and liberal Republicans, heaping praise on them as , ‘someone they could vote for.’  They will also strike up discussions about how fiscally conservative they are.  They will feel people out about cutting spending and finding common ground solutions.  These actors also like to mildly criticize the Democratic Party on a few general issues like the budget priorities or scaling back ‘regulations.’

All this is ruse and artifice.  There isn’t an Obama supporter today who really believes we spend too much.  Furthermore, they argue against ‘regulations,’ not as particular reforms but as a general category in order to gain some respectability.  If you question them on specific environmental or energy or business rules and red tape, they begin to retreat and murmur that you both have the same goal in mind.  It’s just the details, which can be worked out later.  As far as moderate Republicans they ‘may’ vote for, don’t believe it for a second.  A dyed-in-the-wool collectivist would sooner gnaw off their own arm than vote Republican.  This is just to get some rapport established.  Once that happens, they will weigh the facts and come to the solution that Democrats have the more rational answers.

The Mask of Outrage

This device is used to connect with the angry independent or guileless moderate. They pick the most commonly despised caricature; banker, oil executive, recent Republican scoundrel, so-called ‘extreme’ social conservative, or insurance industry CEO, and rail against this group/person’s irresponsible and greedy behavior.

This is also an act.  The far leftist hates anyone with anything they don’t have or by extension controlled by the government.  They will target this anger in a way that couples their audience’s frustration with their mock fury.  This establishes credibility with the subject of their manipulation.  Since they are both infuriated by a common foe, it follows they are on the same side and therefore the operatives’ political party is in sync with their ‘friend.’  It’s never a surprise that Democrats are the answer to whatever problem plagues them both.

The Mask of Indecision

In this case the guise of the leftist is to portray themselves as undecided about the choices.  They aren’t burdened with partisan leanings, they are just babes in the woods, like their victim, trying to find out which candidate would be best for the country.  They begin talking about the candidates innocently comparing strengths of both Republicans and Democrats.  Then, when the person engaged speaks about a pitfall of a Democrat, the leftist will dismiss the weakness as a simple peccadillo.  When there is an issue that falls against the Republican, it is embellished and highlighted as serious.  After a short while, surprisingly, the leftist will ‘discover’ they are leaning toward the Democrat and as a fellow traveler on the road to voting, you should agree.  Right?

This is a savvy approach which works well with wavering Republicans and confused moderates.  By comparing the specific policy positions and then weighting them for the liberal side, it seems that both people have discovered their ‘stance.’  What has actually happened is the collectivist has inserted his own moral hierarchy into that of his conversant.  If the conversant demurs on a topic, the ‘indecisive’ Democrat can then accuse the target of ‘falling for’ right wing propaganda.  Any attempt to reassert your own moral beliefs will be portrayed as influenced by others and therefore illegitimate.

The Mask of Moral Comparatives

This is an interesting façade because it uses false premises to drive the discussion.  The prevaricator will make a generalized statement about a Republican position that is ‘obviously’ flawed.  This position will be measured against a standard of moral positions which cannot be viewed as negative.  Once these premises are accepted by the unwitting, the trap has been set.  The conservative position has become indefensible leaving only the liberal option.  This becomes the default choice.  For example, since Republicans are against abortion, and women should have free choice of what to do with their bodies, Republicans favor enslaving women.  This is the classic, flawed argument that once accepted in parts, cannot be argued away.

This is currently the favored argument by unabashed liberals to smear conservatives leaving them holding the empty bag of morality.  However, if the pieces are challenged, their argument falls apart like an old scarecrow.  Republicans are against aborting babies with some outlying, rare exceptions.  Since there are two lives involved in the act, it isn’t just women who have rights.  The baby has a right as well.  Also, women should have control of their bodies as long as that control doesn’t endanger the rights of another.  Free choice has a limitation; it cannot imperil another.  Once those premises have been challenged, the conclusion of Republicans enslaving women becomes an absurd idea.  This technique works for almost every outlandish claim the masquerading liberals make about us.

We are entering into a season of rhetorical blizzards.  With guile, trickery, and misdirection, the left will attempt to divide, marginalize, and demonize the right.  We must point out their costumes, tear off the masks, and reveal the actor for what he’s doing.  We cannot simply hope the truth will win in the end.  We must be the agents of truth and scatter the lies of our opponents.  It is only then we will begin to restore and invigorate our country with integrity and hope next year.  We Can’t Wait.

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