Schumer: "We Don't Control the Senate"

I wonder how Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada feels about that statement.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that the Democratic Party is in full meltdown mode.  They have circled the wagons, battened down the hatches, called in the cavalry, said ten Hail Obamas!, and still they are a mess.  No doubt a couple of things are happening here.  The Democratic Party is desperately trying to position themselves as the minority party, while still controlling the Senate and the White House.  The majority party is starting to feel like they no longer have a working majority.  And, to top it all off, they have now adopted a bunch of anarchistic ragamuffins and incontinent potheads as their national mascot.  These are dark days indeed for the progressive/socialist wing of the Democratic Party.

According to Ezra Klein’s blogpost in the Washington [Com]Post, October 12, 2011, Sen. Chuck Schumer barked this at a reporter who said they control the White House and Senate so how do Democrats blame Republicans for the whole economic mess. “We don’t control the Senate,” Schumer shot back. “You write that and it’s false.”  So, now Schumer is trying to persuade his camp followers in the media to blatantly lie to the American people.  This reporter is supposed to pretend that Majority Leader Harry Reid isn’t really the majority leader in the Senate and even if he is, that doesn’t mean he runs that chamber.

Of course, the disingenuous Schumer will thread the needle of his absurdly false comment with some dismissal like, ‘no one really controls the Senate. The majority leader merely tries to guide it,’ or some other such nonsensical thing.  Back when Republicans only had 50 seats in 2001 and Vice President Dick Cheney was the tiebreaking vote, no one in their right mind would say Sen. Trent Lott wasn’t the majority leader and ran the chamber.  But suddenly, now, with 53 votes in his caucus, Reid isn’t really controlling the Senate agenda and voting schedule?

Schumer’s little slip is indicative of another random thought popping into his Marxist-driven brain.  The recent vote on Obama’s jobs bill was close to a disaster.  Reid, Durban, and Schumer have lost control of the Senate in a real sense because they no longer have the full support of many senators.  When Obama plopped the bill down on Reid’s lap and told him to pass it, several Democrats balked.  Webb of Virginia, who isn’t even running for reelection, Landrieu of Louisiana, and independent Joe Lieberman, who caucuses with Democrats and also isn’t up for reelection, flatly rejected the idiotic bill.  They ended up voting for it but Nelson of Nebraska and Tester of Montana were petrified of the thing and voted ‘no’  They no longer have a working majority, as they believe it to be.

Reid and Schumer are used to having the Supermajority where they could steamroll over the Republican opposition at will.  Now, they actually have to build consensus.  Consensus, as if that is something any progressive can abide.  Progressives make deals, not build consensus.  They ram experiments and spending down the throats of others, not persuade or make an argument.  Schumer is frustrated and furious over this situation.

Finally, Schumer is saddled with a poorly run Party leader in the form of a Barack Obama and a DNC chair who acts like a carnival game.  Put a quarter in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and who knows what kind of prize comes popping out.  He’s got the Botox Queen over in the House with mascara streaking her cheeks blessing the Lost Boys of Occupy Wall Street who are annoying his angry constituents.  Obama is racing around the country drawing crowds of tens of dozens of people for him to chide.  What’s even worse, that Damned Tea Party is effectively marshaling voters and organizing responses.  The conservative press is running rings around his tame lame-brained media supporters.  The entire ‘Pass Obamacare, Save the Party’ strategy is a millstone around most Democrats necks.  The wheels are falling off the bus, and what are they gonna do?  I don’t think Schumer dares embrace the Occupiers like some are.  After all, they are defiling his territory and not theirs.  So, he has no choice.

Pretend it’s the Republicans running the country and hope someone believes it.  Of course.

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