It's Always Somebody Else's Fault

What is it about history that makes Strib ‘reporters’ so, well, ignorant?  As we have seen, Jill Burcum couldn’t figure out Paul Revere’s ride and on a daily basis StarTribune reporters pervert historical facts in order to drive their wacky progressive/socialist narrative.  Lori Sturdevant is the latest ‘journalist’ to distort the past in order to make some cockeyed political point.  She likens the idiotic experiment known as “prohibition” to Sarah Palin’s ‘real America’ in a way that obliterates the facts surrounding the PROGRESSIVE movement.  Sturdevant, as usual, falls short and this is why. ‘This Minnesotan made a career out of Prohibition enforcement,’ Lori Sturdevant, October 6, 2011 – StarTribune.com.

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s documentary entitled “Prohibition” details the rise and fall of the PROGRESSIVE movement that attempted to change social behavior in regards to alcohol.  Changing social and economic behavior is a hallmark of the PROGRESSIVE movement because the do-gooding busybodies are certain THEY can live your life better than you can.  PROGRESSIVES like to tell you what to eat, (Michelle Antoinette), what health care you should have, (Obamacare), where you should invest your money, (Dodd-Frank), how much salt you can have, (Nanny Bloomberg), and what your children should learn. (Teacher’s unions).  Back in the nineteen-teens, we had a whole crop of these Nosie-McNosersons ready, willing, and able to restructure society in a way they believed would ‘fundamentally transform’ the nation.

Sound familiar.

But, Lori Sturdevant, PROGRESSIVE to the core, doesn’t get that out of the documentary.  No, of course not.  Between consulting with the DFL chair of the Party’s central committee on her next column and organizing sleeping bags for OccupyMN, she seems to have missed most of Burns and Novick’s actual documentary.  They actually detail how PROGRESSIVES were at the forefront of this movement demanding their morality trump freedom.  It was a Democratic controlled Congress that passed the Eighteenth Amendment and sent it to the states.  It was a Democratic Party controlled south that lead the way.  PROGRESSIVE Democrats in the Anti-Saloon League were at the forefront criticizing the free market for poisoning people with booze.

That’s not to say Republicans get a pass.  Plenty of do-gooding busybody PROGRESSIVE Republicans were also in the mix.  However, the philosophy of limited government held back most Republicans from fully pressing the morality police on the people.  That work was done by registered Democrats hellbent on ‘fixing’ society.

Sound familiar.

So, PROGRESSIVES, and especially Democrats put this social experiment into place.  PROGRESSIVES then proceeded to insist on rabid enforcement of the strictures of this law.  They argue, it wasn’t a stupid law, it was people not conforming to our grand ideas that failed.  It wasn’t the stimulus’ fault it didn’t work.  Nooooo.  It’s those mean corporatists who won’t hire people willy-willy because we told them to.  It’s not the frightening prospect of random federal requirements of Obamacare scaring the market.  Nooooo, it’s the hateful, racist conservatives who aren’t starting or expanding businesses.  It’s never their idiotic policies causing death, misery, and hardship.  It’s always SOCIETY that refuses to conform to their dictates.

That’s why PROGRESSIVES are now gathering in public parks and defiling them.  It’s just a giant PROGRESSIVE hissy fit because their moralizing and experimentations just don’t work.  So, PROGRESSIVES like Sturdevant lash out.

Sound familiar.

Who do they lash out at?  Why, Sarah Palin and small towns of course.  Sturdevant scribbles furiously, “In small towns — the ‘real America,’ in Sarah Palin’s parlance — many people still look askance at urban habits. Americans of longer standing still wish immigrants would change their ways.”  Sturdevant manages in this little passage to demean an entire segment of the population as ignorant and xenophobic without a shred of evidence.  In comparison, Prohibition, a naïve, dangerous experiment, passed both houses of Congress easily and among the states, notably the deeply urbanized states of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois in a year under PROGRESSIVE leadership.  Yet, somehow, magically, in the deepest recesses of the PROGRESSIVE mind, it was Granite Falls, Minnesota’s fault.  So, this becomes a morality tale that suggests we should ignore small town America because THEY are the cause of dangerous experiments and not the PROGRESSIVE movement.

Sound familiar.

It’s always somebody else’s fault their programs are a bust.

Sturdevant manages to contort, twist, and maniacally manipulate a savage, destructive era in this nation’s history into some kind of anti-rural rant.  She ignores the wanton destruction of poor families due to PROGRESSIVE experiments like the War on Poverty.  She completely forgets about the Eugenics movement, a PROGRESSIVE experiment that followed Prohibition’s passage.  She mindlessly omits that social engineering throughout the globe has caused untold despair and pain.  It is indeed the PROGRESSIVE philosophy that spreads turmoil, anguish, and servitude throughout history.  But, at least she got to write ‘Sarah Palin’ in one of her columns.  There is that.

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