Who's Lying; Politico or Ellison?

I’ve argued in the past, and will continue in the future, that we cannot let the Left and the Party-run media define us.   We also cannot let them get away with lying all the time.  In fact, it’s so important I’m going to present a little scenario that happened to me today.  It demonstrates that the Democratic Party has become so transparently deceitful, almost everything they do, when examined, exposes their lies.  I believe this little tale has important consequences. 

It all started off so innocently.  Rep. Keith Ellison, MN CD 5, sent out a little tweet this morning crowing about the Tea Party’s 40% negative poll number.  Not that this is a real issue, but Ellison was feeling his oats and sent out a little tweet asking for reasons why the Tea Party’s poll numbers have dropped. 

I sent back a reply stating since the Vice President called the Tea Party terrorists and the media echoed those sentiments; there should be no surprise.  What I found in reply to my little poke surprised me.  Ellison has never taken the bait before.  There was no reason to believe this would be the time he would respond.  Here’s what he wrote in reply, “I was in room when Biden spoke to House D Caucus. He NEVER referred to any person/group as “terrorist”. This is a lie.”  Let’s set the stage and dissect Ellison’s rather startling claim that Politico’s pants are on fire.

The original story, back on August 2, was that a bunch of Democratic caucus members were venting about the recent budget deal to raise the debt ceiling.  Biden was commiserating with them and Politico reported Rep. Mike Doyle, D –PA 14th CD, said the Tea Party members were like terrorists.  Biden basically agreed, according to the original Politico story.  Bite-Me denied ever saying those words in an interview with Scott Pelley of CBS News, an interview they have since suppressed. 

President Obama was confronted this week during his Magical Misery Tour by a Tea Party leader Ryan Rhodes who asked why the president thought it was acceptable for Bite-Me to say that about dissenting Americans.  The Dear Leader denied it ever happened.  This riled up the coverage from the initial incident.

Politico published a story by Martin Kady II on August 17, 2011, ‘The Biden ‘terrorist’ story: How it came together.’  Kady explains that much reporting starts with a tip.  An initial source told Politico that a heated discussion was happening with the Democratic caucus.  Then this happened.

“After hearing from the first source, the two POLITICO reporters on the story, Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan, quickly confirmed Biden’s words with three other sources who were in the same room. They also contacted a fifth source, who confirmed the basic reporting. The original tip came in at about 1 p.m. Aug. 1, and POLITICO spent the next few hours in contact with the vice president’s office, which was aware of what the story was going to say and had been given several hours to respond by the time the story posted at 4 p.m.”

So, according to the original reporters, this heated exchange was very well sourced.  Five people told these reporters that Biden had agreed with Rep. Doyle that Tea Partiers were indeed terroristic.  Biden’s office at the time, didn’t respond to Politico so they reported it as is.  It would appear the progressive/liberal Politico reporters certainly wouldn’t have anything to gain from reporting this incident, except having a hot story.  Bite-Me, on the other hand, took such heat following the report he denied he’d ever said that.  He was just a passive observer minding his own business.


So, now Ellison is saying he was a witness to the events of that day.  He says Biden “NEVER” called anyone a terrorist.  In fact he says that “This is a lie.”  Now, Ellison is basically accusing the Politico reporters as liars.  They had five independent sources that supported the story.  They contemporaneously reported what people inside the room witnessed at the time.  Ellison has basically called reliable political allies of the Democratic Party a gaggle of fiction writers.  Meanwhile, he uses his own presence at this unruly and brutish meeting to back up his story.

We know those words were used because the representative who first uttered them admitted it.  From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Mike Wereschagin reports this explanation by Doyle:

“Had I simply said hostage-taker, there wouldn’t be this reaction. I certainly wasn’t out to defame anybody,” said Doyle, who couldn’t recall the exact statement he made. “I wasn’t talking about the Tea Party. I was talking about the tactic (of) telling us if we don’t go along with this bad deal, they’re going to blow the economy up.”

Doyle’s a full blown idiot, ‘hostage-taker’ is not preferable to a ‘terrorist. ’ Doyle admits he used the words and tries to say he was just caught up in the moment.  He shouldn’t be held accountable for his hate speech because the Tea Party had it coming.  Doyle basically embodies the old joke about an abusive husband.  Asked why his wife had two black eyes, he replies smacking his fist into his palm, ‘because she just wouldn’t listen.’  It wasn’t Doyle’s fault he called his fellow citizens terrorists.  It was their fault.  They drove him to it. 

But, that doesn’t really answer the question, who’s lying?  If the Politico story, and they’re not backing down, is correct, it means Ellison, Biden, and even Obama are the liars.  I guess we’ll have to weigh the evidence.  Biden is a blowhard who can’t keep a single thought that pops into his head from spewing forth from his lips.  Ellison is a slick, hard left radical who will do practically anything to hold onto power.  He lives and breathes radical Islam and identity politics. 

Politico is a loyal aqueduct of the Democratic Party’s water, as Rush would say.  Yet, they reported Biden as rallying the troops by saying the Tea Party was indeed acting as a terroristic organization.  It appears rather obvious who the real liar is in this case.  So, why would Ellison have reacted so aggressively to that tweet?

Here’s another part of the story.  From USA Today, David Jackson, August 2, 2011 writes, “”The word was used by several members of Congress,” said Biden spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff.  “The vice president does not believe it’s an appropriate term in political discourse.”  Well, this is a whole new kettle of fish.  So, I’ll line it up for you.

Ellison admits he was present at this caucus meeting.  He confirms this in his tweet.  Biden’s office reports that the word ‘terrorist’ was used by “several members of Congress,” and not just Rep. Doyle, alleged Tea Party/wife-beater.  Could it be that Ellison himself was one of these ranting, raving lunatics calling his constituents, including me, a terrorist?  Might Rep. Ellison be a ‘victim’ of the Tea Party tactics?   Ellison voted against the mythical cuts in the fictional budget deal, but he did so to support his government-union base in Minneapolis.  Even the appearance of a government cut makes these people go bats—t crazy.  So perhaps Ellison was another of the many Democrats who cannot get along well with others.

I wouldn’t be surprised.  But then, his assertion Biden NEVER said it lacks all credibility too.

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