Klobuchar = Obama

[I posted this at Redstate because many of us across the country are going to see Senate elections next year with Democrats pretending to be moderates.  We cannot allow those lies to go unchallenged.]

There is a narrative being played in the Minnesota media that Sen. Amy Klobuchar is A. moderate and B. unbeatable.  Neither of these is true.  Senator Amy Klobuchar is not only one of the people responsible for the economic morass we are in, she’s one of the primary reasons our economy is now facing another downturn.  Her far left, centralized command and control, European/Japanese style economic policy and inability to address the exploding debt and deficits are the reasons we are witnessing a stagnant economy and zero real growth.  If we want to make this country prosperous and free, we are going to have to remove the actual roadblocks in its path.  This is all flows from the Obama/Klobuchar Democratic Machine.  That means we need to defeat Klobuchar for a second term in the Senate as well as Obama for president.

From her own website, Klobuchar states, “As chair of the Commerce Subcommittee on Competitiveness, Innovation and Export Promotion, I believe these efforts must first begin with a return to the economic principles that made America great in the first place-fundamentals like science, technology and innovation.”  Klobuchar believes that all investments must flow from the government and their gigantic bureaucracies.  Average Americans are not ‘smart’ enough or ‘good’ enough to decide economic issues on their own.  She has worked tirelessly to make governmental meddling in our business decisions a priority.  How do we know this?  Let’s explore the fruit of her labors.

The ‘Stimulus’

From Klobuchar’s website, her explanation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to we the people”

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The page you have requested does not exist

Hmmm.  I wonder why that page no longer exists.  I can guess.  The so-called ‘stimulus’ bill, which was really just a stimulus for the Democratic Party’s benefactors, set off a series of chain events which led to the spectacular failure was are witnessing in real time in our economy.  Our current recession officially ended in June of 2009, a full three months after the stimulus was enacted and before any spending actually occurred.  That means, as most of us predicted, the recession had worked itself out.  The stimulus program began ‘affecting’ the economy as the recovery took hold.  We had growth of 1.6% in third quarter 2009 and 5% growth in the fourth quarter.  There was still barely any stimulus being spent at that point, except to government unions.  This was the natural growth you see after a recession.

Then we watched as the stimulus took hold in 2010.  Veep Joe Biden was going to go on a fabulous “Recovery Summer” tour that summer.  Unfortunately, even though anemic growth continued, mostly due to the Fed’s printing of money, there were no jobs.  His Fictional Recovery Tour was cut short because Americans weren’t buying it.  Economic growth dipped instead of going strong as the implications of Democratic Party policies began shackling the economy.  Yesterday, we found out that growth in the Fourth Quarter of 2010 was actually 2.3% instead of the 3.1% as originally recorded.  But an even worse metric was the economy grew at a yearly rate of 0.4% in the first quarter of 2011.  We are now watching as the full impact of Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, the over-regulation of business, the refusal to allow drilling for oil, and the enormous cost of government has had on our economy.  These are all policy initiatives fully supported and even written by Klobuchar herself.

Obamacare or Klobuchar-care

From Myfox9.com, ‘Franken, Klobuchar respond to passing of the Senate health care bill,’ December 24, 2009, Klobuchar states:

“The Senate vote this morning was an important step forward to a final vote on health care reform. I will continue to push for a final bill that includes strong Minnesota-model cost reforms, deficit reduction, protections against insurance company abuses, and strong, stable Medicare coverage.” 

Obamacare doesn’t provide any of these things.  We now know there are no cost reforms, except to limit payments to health care professionals.  The cost of the thing is far larger than it was scored.  There are thousands of entities, including the states of Nevada and Maine, which requested waivers from the onerous requirements that have only just began.  It explodes the deficit.  It has a panel of rationers called the Independent Payment Advisory Board which is figuring out who should have what care mandating nonsense like back rubs and aromatherapy while limiting care to the elderly.  For heaven’s sake, the stupid bill calls for a half a trillion dollars to be robbed from the Medicare trust fund just to make the thing sound viable.  Next time I hear a Democrat say the Republicans are trying to push granny off a cliff, I’ll remind them of that little chestnut of truth. 

Klobuchar’s dirty little fingerprints are all over this monstrosity which is scaring businesses away from hiring or expanding.  We are hearing about businesses dropping coverage for families.  We are hearing about businesses dropping health insurance for employees.  The entire enterprise, which doesn’t even begin fully functioning in 2014, is freezing economic decisions by Americans throughout this nation.  We are terrified by the size and scope of this social experiment which will lead to far higher costs, less care, and an enormous public bureaucracy to make it work.  As long as we have Amy Klobuchar in the Senate, we may not get this thing erased from the code.  She’s part and parcel of this enormous experiment with our very lives. 

The Minnesota Twins – Klobuchar and Franken

The Minnesota media’s narrative of Klobuchar as a moderate and Franken as a liberal are nauseating lies.  According to the Americans for Democratic Action, a far left progressive/socialist action organization scored both Klobuchar and Franken with a 90% rating in 2010.  To give you a comparison, Rep. Keith Ellison, from Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District and rabid socialist, got a 100% rating from the group.  Tim Walz, from the Minnesota’s First Congressional District, got a 90% as well, so much for him being moderate.  In fact, Klobuchar was named an ADA ‘hero’ in their Spring 2009 issue of their newsletter for her extreme leftwing adherence to ravenous spending and social experiments on our society. 

On the other side, the American Conservative Union gave Klobuchar a 4% rating and Franken a big zero.  So, according to the lamebrains in the state media, the difference between a far left loon and a moderate is a single vote for a conservative issue.  That is what constitutes the difference between the far Left and the Left these days. 

Klobuchar as ‘Unbeatable’

Klobuchar has had a free pass for her entire time as a U.S. Senator.  There have been no investigations into her voting record.  No one has looked into her earmark and campaign contribution connections.  There has been zero interest in the Minnesota media to critique her performance or her ethics.  As a result, her numbers look quite good.  According to Public Policy Polling, Klobuchar look quite safe as a Democratic Senator.  They report:

“Klobuchar’s popularity has pretty much driven off well known Republicans from challenging her. Announced candidate Dan Severson has 21% name recognition and Chris Barden and Dave Thompson, also mentioned as potential candidates, are known to only 18% of voters in the state. Klobuchar leads Barden and Thompson by 27 points each at 57-30 and 55-28 respectively and has a 28 point advantage over Severson at 56-28. In each of those match ups Klobuchar leads by around 30 points with independents and picks up about 10% of the Republican vote while losing only 1% of the Democratic vote.”  ‘Klobuchar on very solid ground’ June 3, 2011.

Of course no one, especially in the media, have taken to time to measure the toll of the policies Klobuchar has supported.  So, it’s time to examine her impact up close.  From her own website:

Bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington. Washington has to get its priorities right and start living within its means. We must address our nation’s long-term fiscal imbalances so that we can finally get our federal deficit and debt under control.”

Who does she think she’s kidding with this line of bull?  Klobuchar has voted for the 30% budget increases that have now saddled us with trillions in debt, just since she started in 2007.  Klobuchar has been part and parcel of the Washington Spending Machine which just transfers costs of today’s government experiments into the future.  We are looking at handing over to our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren an invoice for what now looks like over 16 trillion in debt because she cannot restrain her spending addiction.  Klobuchar’s ‘fiscal responsibility’ has now given us over 7 trillion in debt on her watch.  When she started in 2007, the nation owed just over 9 trillion dollars and her ‘fiscal responsibility’ has turned into a fiscal and national nightmare. 

Klobuchar = Obama

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is Obama.  Both campaigned for cutting debts and deficits, both did the opposite.  Both argued for a health care program to expand the number of people covered and limit the cost.  Both passed a program that threatens to explode costs, drop millions from insurance rolls, and give the government power over our very lives.  Both Obama and Klobuchar worked to expand the size and scope of government to such a behemoth it is now engulfing our economy in ruin.  Both have lied often and readily when their actions have proven disastrous.  Quite frankly, Obama and Klobuchar are the same. 

We need to get rid of both of them in 2012.  Both are very extreme and both can be beaten.  We just have to do the work.

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