Reid and Obama's Fairy Tale Budget Cuts

It’s becoming all too apparent that President Obama and his sidekick Montgomery Burns look-alike Sen. Harry Reid aren’t even a teensy bit serious about tackling our deficits and debt.  In a sideshow we can only look at and laugh, Reid proposed an alternative to the Boehner plan that includes cutting funding for Iraq and Afghanistan since we are leaving there.  Trouble is, those so-called ‘cuts’ are already taken into account in every deficit projection we’ve seen thus far.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote this;

“But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is devising a sham that will never pass muster in the House. A Capitol Hill source with knowledge of the plan tells me: “It includes $1.2 trillion in OCO [Overseas Contingency Operations] savings . . . which was assumed anyway, $1.2 trillion (over $1.1 trillion less than [Majority Leader Eric] Cantor identified in the Biden talks) and $300 billion in interest savings.” A Senate aide says dryly that Reid “has about a trillion in ‘savings’ from ending the war in Iraq that’s already going to end.” And a disgusted House adviser bluntly tells me that Reid’s plan “isn’t real.” ‘Obama kills bipartisan deal, then Reid resorts to smoke and mirrors,’ July 25, 2011.  So, Reid, with Obama’s full and complete endorsement, are trying to tell us they are cutting non-existent items from a budget that they never passed in the first place.  Also, they are trying to make this whole scam look like it would work because it allows Democrats to pretend they are big spending cutters without taking away any of their patronage..

For Democrats this proposal is a win-win, if we let them get away with it. 

This debt ceiling argument is too serious and too important to let them get away with a stunt like this.  Quite frankly, this is just the same game plan they pulled with the continuing resolutions in December.  Boehner negotiated a deal to cut billions and then we find out the billions were really a few million that actually weren’t cuts at all. 

These are not people who should be trusted with a lemonade stand, much less our nation.

So, I spoke with a friend of mine in Washington and got the scoop on several more of Sen. Reid’s cost cutting plans.  Once again, these are plans fully endorsed and supported by “Kind of a Dick” Obama.  Here are some of the Democratic Party budget balancing ideas:

Elimination of the War of 1812 Veteran’s Benefits Administration – $34 billion

Cutting the pixie dust subsidy in half – 6 billion

30% cut in unicorn feeding program – 11 billion

Caps on the growth of Prohibition Era Alcohol Enforcement funds – 4 billion

Elimination of the toenail painting budget for Big Foot – 3 billion

Discontinuing the tooth fairy reimbursement program – 71 billion

There’s some hefty savings in there, just as legitimate as what Reid and Obama have concocted. 

But seriously, we need to stand up and tell President Crybaby to eat his peas.  It’s our country.

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