The Debt Fight Is Ours. We Will Define It.

First, let’s get one thing straight.  Our elected officials are having a discussion about our debt and deficits BECAUSE WE MADE THEM.  This wasn’t an Obama plan.  This wasn’t a Democratic Party dream.  This wasn’t even on the establishment Republicans’ schedule.  We are having a debt limit, debt problem, deficit battle royale because we MADE THEM do this.  We have let the Party-run media warp a fight Obama never wanted to have into some kind of initiative by the president.  We have got to get a handle on this and SHOUT THE TRUTH TO ALL THE LAND.  This is our idea so we get to define it.

From Politico, April 15, 2011, ‘White House: Obama hasn’t changed on clean debt vote,’ by Peter Schroeder.  “The president wants a clean bill, and the American people will not tolerate it,” he said. “Let me be clear: There will be no debt-limit increase unless it’s accompanied by serious spending cuts and real budget reforms.”  He, in this quote, was Speaker John Boehner.  Obama desperately wanted to make his imaginary future cuts in the budget a separate issue because he knew the country was not in the mood for shenanigans and if he could get a ceiling increase, he could veto any attempted cuts and his Democratic controlled Senate would act as a governor stopping House action. 

Instead, they tried sending the ‘clean’ debt ceiling increase to the floor of the House in May.  From Stephan Dinan at the Washington Times, May 31, 2011, ‘House rejects ‘clean’ debt-ceiling hike, 318-97.’

“Earlier this year, Mr. Obama and many fellow Democrats demanded exactly the kind of “clean” debt increase Republicans put on the floor, but by Tuesday some minds had changed.

House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer said the House “ought to vote for this,” though he said he was voting against it because it would give ammunition to Republicans in next year’s election.

“This is not an honest debate. This is not an honest proposal,” Mr. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, said. “If we vote for it, ho-ho, guess what? You’re for raising the debt limit without any fiscal discipline.”

What happened between the Democrats demand the debt ceiling increase come to a vote and the complete failure of the bill on the House floor?  Us.  We happened.  We demanded the Republicans grow a spine or at least borrow one from someone, and directly connect the debt ceiling increase with serious cuts to the exploding budget.  This certainly wasn’t an action commenced by the Party-run press.  You didn’t hear MSNBC’s all-white cast of lunatics demanding budget cuts.  Anderson Cooper didn’t slam his fist on his desk and scream, “cut the deficit, dammit.’  We didn’t see Diane Sawyer weep openly about our exploding debt.  No.  It was us.

This ‘clean’ debt ceiling raise-meme was dropped when it became clear the president was going to lose.  So, he decided to pretend he was all for this.  Of course the Party-run pamphleteers were all over this little revisionist history.  No longer would the president be against the debt limit increase coupled with budget cuts, but he was for the cuts, and tax increases all along. 

Dan Balz of the Washington Post wrote this as late as July 11, 2011, “Republicans have criticized Obama as coming to the table late — a charge his advisers reject. The president and his team think that the harder he pushes for a $4 trillion agreement that would include spending cuts and new taxes, and the more Republicans resist such increases, the more he will command the politically valuable center in the debate.”  The president, the Democrats, and the lame-brained media basically rewrote the entire history of the debt ceiling increase.  While Obama was playing golf and occasionally meeting with Hollywood celebs, we were altering the terms of the debate.  We began demanding that deep abiding immediate cuts happen before we even considered raising the debt limit.  “Eat your Peas” Obama only got religion when he could see the Angel of Failure looming ever closer.  Suddenly, like a communiqué out of the Orwellian universe these prog/soc’s live in;  Obama was all for coupling budget balancing measures with the debt ceiling. 

From Politico, “In all, Obama said, the Gang of Six plan amounts to “an approach in which there is shared sacrifice and everybody is giving up something.”

The plan is, he said, “broadly consistent with the approach that I’ve urged: what it says is we’ve got to be serious about reducing discretionary spending, both in domestic spending and defense, we’ve got to be serious about tackling health care spending, and entitlements in a serious way, and we’ve got to have some additional revenue.”  July 20, 2011 ‘Pres. Obama praises ‘Gang of Six’ debt ceiling plan.’  Now I don’t really care about the credit on this.  But, I do care about the truth and integrity of the process.  Obama never wanted this discussion.  He was not even interested in any budget balancing talks.  All the Petulant One wanted was a way to stick it to those damn rich people and thrill Chris Matthews-types.  He slid this little tax thing in as a way for Democrats to call Republicans liars next year when they ran against them. 

In the meantime, the press could make him look presidential or something.

Fact of the matter is, The Professor wasn’t even looking at this so he has no plan.  He has no ideas.  He has no way of making any of this work.  He’s just posturing and preening before his palace eunuchs in the press.  They are rewriting history, inventing his ‘plan’ out of thin air, and trying to convince their dwindling audiences The Won is heading for another victory.

A victory in a fight he never wanted to engage in and isn’t honestly brokering now. 

Republicans just need to step back and wait for a counter offer.  They don’t need to negotiate against themselves.  This isn’t 1995.  This isn’t 1991.  This isn’t the country in 1982.  The sky isn’t going to fall because we’ve got their backs.  We must keep in mind that we need to do the heavy lifting to help the Republicans do what is necessary to save us from bankruptcy.  Republicans need to remember, they are there because we got them there. 

Trust us.  We’re now moving this debate.  There is no one else to do it.

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