Dayton's Potemkin Village Tour - Dayton's Shutdown

Minnesota Democrats and Governor Mark Dayton are in a pickle.  Dayton believed if he just stood up to the newly elected Republican legislature and made them appear extreme, public opinion would flood to his side.  Dayton was elected by 43% of the vote due to a RINO third party candidate and now he thinks he has a firm mandate to shutdown the state to rob the productive class.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, the state has mostly yawned and/or sided with Republican legislators.  The Minnesota press has been trying to rile the general population against the ‘no new taxes’ mandate of the state legislature and that hasn’t stuck.  So, Governor Dayton decided to go on a little tour to give his propaganda wing some visuals.

From ‘Shifting tactics, Dayton takes tax plan to the people,’ by Rachel Stassen-Berger and Mike Kaszuba, “For the first time since Minnesota’s government shutdown began, Gov. Mark Dayton hit the road on Tuesday to promote his point of view, appearing before parents and teachers at a high school in St. Cloud.”  Let’s be perfectly clear about this.  Dayton wasn’t appearing before a random group that just happened to wander into the St. Cloud Apollo High School.  He appeared before parents, who are almost all government union members, and teachers, who are ALL government union members.  This isn’t a genuine listening tour or townhall discussion.  This was a spectacle dreamed up by his Democratic Politburo bosses for the easy use and consumption by his leftwing pamphleteers at local television stations and newspapers.  There is nothing real about this.  It’s theater and theater not unlike that used by Catherine the Great two hundred and thirty years ago.

You see, Catherine had an image problem.  Her lover, Grigory Potemkin, a prince of the realm had defeated the Khanate in southern Russia and chased these Muslims from their homeland.  As a result, there was a vast land that lay open and empty.  Russia and the Ottoman Empire were fighting over control of the Black Sea and each hoped to get France, England, and the German princes and Austrian Empire to side with them.  Russia had a terrible reputation because they’d basically caused a diaspora of many of these Tatars from their lands.  Furthermore, many western leaders doubted they had real dominion over it.

Potemkin came up with a great solution.  He recruited a bunch of people to settle this area.  He ran around creating villages and towns and put these settlers in those areas.  However, he just didn’t have enough people and so when Catherine invited an entourage of Western leaders to tour the newly conquered territory, they wanted to show how Russia conquered and peopled these lands. Problem was there just weren’t enough people but ever the crafty one, Potemkin cheated.

From Jay Winik’s book, ‘The Great Upheaval,’ he explains the Potemkin village of infamy.

“But were these towns real?  Or was this all some quixotic fantasy?  To this day, the very phrase, ‘Potemkin village’ evokes the myth, not of docks, towns, and palaces, but phony constructions made of pasteboard; it is further believed that Catherine saw the same peasants and the same flocks over and over again, who were simply moved down the River Dnieper each night ahead of the empress’s entourage.”

Fast forward to King Marx Dayton and his Potemkin Village Tour.  At each spot, the busy little Potemkin prog/soc’s are gathering up their union astroturf to politely listen and applaud at the right times.  These aren’t just gatherings to get information on the shutdown or voice their concerns.  This is stagecraft.  This is government by artifice.  Why are they going to all this trouble?  Well, as it turns out, even the Party shills at the Star Tribune are getting blue.

Continuing from Stassen-Berger and Kaszuba’s article they opine:

“Dayton has weathered some criticism in DFL quarters for making several concessions in recent weeks, even offering to drop his call for higher income taxes on the wealthy. Over the weekend, in the absence of budget talks, he went silent. At the same time, the GOP put out an unwavering message — the state spends enough — cycled ceaselessly through social media, news conferences and partisan bloggers.”

Now this is just overripe bilge.  Dayton didn’t drop his call for higher taxes, he made one little proposal to tax everything else except the rich but the GOP didn’t bite.  When the people of the state told the Republicans” no new taxes,” it wasn’t just on the rich, the poor, or the dead, but for everyone.  They have more than enough money as it is.

But, their second comment is quite interesting.  They are saying that “social media, news conferences and partisan bloggers” are making a difference.  This is quite the departure from the usual DFL chanting points.  First of all, Kevin Diaz informed us last fall that the Tea Party movement didn’t have a following in Minnesota.  Since Diaz is a member of the Democratic Party propaganda elite, it must be true.  So who are all these social media types who are pressing the Republican narrative?

Second, there were certainly news conferences but the local media treated the GOP with as much disdain and distortions of their remarks as ever.  But, the writers also named partisan bloggers.  Now, that’s interesting because we are just a bunch of kooks that no one reads.  How could we have influenced anyone?  All truth flows from the pens of the Star Tribune and the camera lenses of ‘oh we Kare Eleven, so much.’   It appears we may have struck a nerve.

What’s happening is the Democrats have overplayed their weak hand.  They are burdened with a governor who sounds like he’s about ready to either burst into tears or explode with Tourette’s.  They have a bunch of union thugs running around telling people where to stand and when to clap.  They have a message of ‘eat the rich’ and then when we’re done with them, climb into the pot, you’re next.  They are trying desperately to get their government sector to browbeat the productive sector.

But, it’s just not working.  Maybe this whole Potemkin village thing will work out for them.  Or, maybe we’ll see right through their Wizard of Oz curtain.

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