Minnesota's Shutdown: We're Not All Dead Yet

According to the hysterical Democratic-Party run media in Minnesota, this day would be a day that would live in infamy.  KARE-11 television station has been handwringing so vigorously it’s a surprise they have any skin left.  The Star Tribune has been acting as if this would be the “Day After Tomorrow.”  I woke up this morning expecting all the oxygen to have been depleted.  With the Department of Natural Resources being shut down and plants waiting for their permit to photosynthesize carbon dioxide, I was sure there would be no air.  I thought the streets would have been rolled up and birds would be plummeting from the skies. 

What we found was practically nothing happened.  In fact, it seems the sun still rose even without a license from the Minnesota State Weather Service.

As I perused the official DFL newsletter this morning, I found the Star Tribune had made a handy list of vital state services that cannot be accessed making the residents of the state virtually destitute.  The following is a list of the things the state will not be doing while Dayton refuses to give up on his policy of “Eat the Rich.”  They are:

  • Driver’s Tests
  • Department of Education (not schools, just the bureaucrats)
  • Child-care assistance payments
  • Services for the deaf
  • Senior and Disabled linkage lines
  • Criminal background checks
  • Food shelf distributions
  • Restaurant food and beverage licenses
  • Rest stops
  • Historical sites
  • Hunting and fishing license
  • Veteran tuition reimbursement
  • Minnesota Zoo
  • Racetracks and the lottery
  • State Parks
  • Road construction

What if we shut down the state government and no one noticed?

So, we have histrionics going on at the capitol in St. Paul.  Over 23,000 state employees were laid off.  We have thousands of government workers not collecting paychecks and this is the impact they have on us?  Are you kidding me?  We have 23,000 people doing these absurd things. 

Remember, we didn’t lay off the people in critical service areas, just the ones that are not critical.  There are still tens of thousands of state government employees working.  These are just the ones that aren’t ‘critical.’  What’s more, these stupid people running the shutdown decided that the parks, zoo, and historical sites, which make money on a long 4th of July weekend, should be laid off.  But, we still have the governor’s mansion staff working making him eggs and bacon in the morning. 

It gets worse.

Sheriff of Nottingham Mark Dayton is still enforcing park security but just not collecting the visitation fees for this holiday weekend.  That means Sheriff Dayton is making sure some eleven year old girl doesn’t sneak into a state park and take a picture of a bird or walk on a trail.  That means families who wanted to see the Split Rock lighthouse cannot go inside and buy a t-shirt because Ole Crazy Eyes Dayton has a hankering for some class warfare and no sensible argument is going to dissuade him. 

No sirree Bob.  We can’t have those rich folks, like Dayton, getting away with just paying their fair share.  We gotta make sure they keep those 23,000 non-critical employees in beer and skittles.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it has to be for those 23,000 people?  Their jobs are so unimportant they won’t even be missed.  Well, unless you turned sixteen last month and want to take your driving test.  Or, if you need to buy a hunting license three months before the hunting season.  Or, if you need to buy a lottery ticket or place a bet on that one horse you know is gonna make you a fortune. 

I thought this was supposed to be Armeggedon.  I drove by a retirement home and expected to see the elderly stacked like cord wood outside the doors, but no.  The facility seemed to be running just fine.

I drove by a hospital expecting to see people standing outside the doors, blood spurting into the sky, crying out to the heavens, “Damn that Kurt Zellers, Speaker of the MN House.”  “Curses to you Amy Koch, State senate majority leader.” 

I thought maybe bands of people with disabilities would be roving about in gangs weeping uncontrollably and wimpering, “I’ll never vote Republican again.” 

But, I didn’t see any of those things happening.  Instead, we are seeing a populace shaking its head in disbelief.  We are watching the Democratic Party astroturf holding umbrellas that say, “tax the rich” as though rich people pay no taxes now.  We see various and sundry progressives and socialists demand more spending on themselves to fill their pocketbooks.  We see union-printed placards that say, “Invest in Minnesota” as though robbing their neighbor is an investment strategy. 

What are rather refreshing are the reactions in the Star Tribune online comment section where they asked Minnesotans how the shutdown affects them.  The Party-run newsletter was hoping for sob stories about children being starved and blind people being hooked up to a chain gang.  But, there are a surprising number of comments that say this shutdown is just Dayton’s fault for demanding too much.  There are a large number of comments that state we have paid enough and it’s time for some accountability. 

However, there is one gem I want to share with you.  This is a loving, sentimental plea for conservatives and Republicans to just give up the fight.  The writer really shows compassion and tolerance for others.

This is from falcon1670: “As a state employee, I’ve been placed on the critical list. In a way it’s to (sic) bad. I was hopeing(sic) to deny a lot of Republicans the emergency and police services that they’ll more than likely need when they start blowing off fingers with the illegal fireworks I’m sure they think they’re entitled to have.”

It’s that spirit of generosity which endears us all to our public employees and the Democratic Party they own lock, stock and smoking barrel.

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