The Progressive Fiction Rift Narrative

There is nothing quite so helpful as a progressive/socialist.  I mean really, they are out there slugging it out with the forces of evil on a daily basis.  Progressive/socialists like Burcum are willing to take on any demon that rears its ugly head just to ‘help’ the downtrodden and the forlorn.  Burcum’s latest foray into the fight between good and evil is so noble, so worthy of praise that we just must examine this newest crusade for the hearts and minds of the People. 

In the heads of progressive/socialists’ there is a fight brewing between Palin and Bachmann.  This fight is a massive battle, in their imaginations, that could split apart the Republican Party.  Nightly, Democratic operatives have wet dreams about a struggle between Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin for the heart and soul of the conservative movement.  Since they have a party that is illuminated by such dignitaries as ‘Ole Crazy Eyes’ Dayton who wants to outsource his job negotiating a budget to mediators and flashers like Anthony Weiner, they believe this idea could take root and grow to defend the job killing policies of their Golf-Pro-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama. 

So, Burcum and her handy Fellow Travelers have a new narrative to push.  They believe Bachmann’s unfortunate choice of CNN’s Ed Rollins, infected with foot-in-mouth disease, is just the sort of wedge issue to make waves politically.  Bachmann founded the Tea Party caucus in the U.S. House and Palin supported Tea Party candidates with appearances and financial support in this past midterm election.  Know-it-alls like Burcum, believe if they can infect the conservative movement with their narrative viruses, they can protect their Warmongering Nobel Peace Prize winning head of The Party.

Such are the fantasies of people who are witnessing their own economic ideas crash and burn in the marketplace.  Devoid of any successes at all, they cling to political machinations and fanciful scenarios cooked up in the cool of the evening.  Their own movement implodes, therefore they project nightmarish outcomes upon the other side.

Burcum attempts to portray herself as defender of Bachmann while in the past she’s done everything her little mind can conjure up to injure the congresswoman.  For example, while Burcum has done literally nothing to vet a single Democrat, she did a proctology exam on Michele Bachmann, her close, dear friend.  Burcum offers this nugget as proof Bachmann is better than Palin. “Bachmann’s law degree and an advanced degree in tax law also compare favorably to Palin’s college-hopping, though Palin did complete her undergrad degree.”  Wow.  Impressive.   Burcum really hit it out of the park on this one. Right?  I mean really.  If you have to hopscotch around to complete your college degree, that means you are a complete idiot while Bachmann has an impressive post-graduate performance. 

Only problem is, Burcum only knows about Bachmann’s advanced degrees because she initially questioned them.  Following the example of the mullahs in Iran who approve of who can run for government office and who can’t, Burcum did a thorough job of ‘vetting’ Bachmann trying to catch her in a lie.  Burcum is a follower of the Daily Kos[monauts] and found a rumor circulating that Bachmann didn’t have advanced law degrees.  Burcum, hoping to find a problem, was on the case.  She pulled out her old rotary phone and let her fingers do the walking like any great wanna-be Journolister.

“Phone calls to both Oral Roberts and the Virginia-based William and Mary confirmed Bachmann’s degrees. She graduated from Oral Roberts in 1986 and, yes, it was still accredited.

The William and Mary registrar’s office also confirmed that Bachmann graduated on May 15, 1988, with an advanced law degree in taxation. The program was phased out in the 1990s because of dwindling enrollment.” Jill Burcum’s April 10th, 2011, ‘Short Take: Bachmann’s law degrees’ in the StarTribune. 

Whew!  That was a close one.  No doubt Michele Bachmann can sleep well at night because Progressive/socialist warrior Jill Burcum has stemmed that little absurdity.  I mean it’s not like we have organizations like the Minnesota Bar Association that make sure lawyers represent themselves in an ethical way or anything.  Obviously, Burcum’s got Bachmann’s back in any cat fight, right?

In Burcum’s own word, “puh-leez.”  This is simply another attempt by the Socialist Worker wing of the Demogogory Party to split the GOP.  Since they have nothing substantive to argue for, and are burdened with a tax cheat running the IRS (Geithner) and routinely re-elect tax cheats that used to run the House Ways and Means committee (Rangel) and have tax evaders for a presidential nominee (Kerry), they have to use something to win.  This is merely their latest and greatest distraction from their failed ideas, failed leadership and increasingly failing political movement. 

The only real rift in the Republican Party is that which is in between the hemispheres of Burcum’s ever shrinking brain.  Palin isn’t even in the race and the Party-run press is busy trying to ‘find’ evidence of her mal-, er non-, er something feasance in old emails.  Bachmann is running a campaign that hopes to give us a reason for hope in this political atmosphere of economic and international disaster.  Burcum’s feeble attempts to create a misogynistic ‘cat fight’ are pathetic.  We should treat Miz Burcum’s and others’ words with the respect they are due and use them to feed the compost heap or mulch our gardens. 

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