n. 1. a desire for bloodshed

We are now beginning to see what happens to progressive/socialists when things don’t go their way.  We are witnessing the complete and utter nervous breakdown of an entire group of a certain Marxist philosophical bent.  The economy is tanking, again.  The stock market is plummeting, again.  Their Anointed Won is wandering around the 13th hole looking for his balls.  Their attack dog, Anthony Member, is showing everyone his.  Their new DNC chair cannot stop ranting incessantly about all the terrible things Republicans are literally doing to us.  Not even Tingles understand what she’s babbling about.  Their Arab Spring is quickly turning into the Third Reich revisited.  Instead of just two expensive and dangerous wars, we now have four, Libya and Yemen or Pakistan.  Who knows?  Gas is starting the inflationary cycle with all the ersatz money Bernanke has been printing.  Someone let a New York Times business writer publish a book that admits it was the Democratic Party policies that caused this past, present, and future Great Recession.  China’s cutting up our credit card because of our profligate spending and printing.  Hell, their 2004 nominee for president is even still hiding his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid Massachusetts taxes.  There really isn’t much good news for the Socialist Worker wing of the Democratic Party to write about.  As a result, we know idle minds are the Devil’s workshop, and that has never been more true these days.  The Devil is doing quite the number in a whole lot of leftwing heads these days.

For eight excruciating years, the far left had a Republican president and for six of those years a Republican Congress to bash, scream at, froth at the mouth, and in general just hate, hate, hate.  All this hate was supposed to pass once there was a Democrat in the White House.  If they could only get the perfect person and the right Congress elected, everything would be roses and candy hearts.  They got it all.  They gushed with self-satisfaction at first.  But, it just wasn’t satisfying.  Something was missing.  Obama just didn’t do enough.  He was destroying the country as fast as he could but there were still something wrong.  It nagged at them and their rage grew.

When winter came, it was cold.  When summer came, it was hot.  Sometimes they stubbed their toes.  Occasionally their team lost.  Nirvana didn’t come.  Everything they hoped for didn’t come true.  Rainbows didn’t fly out of their asses and instead it all went to bovine excrement. 

Someone was to blame.  Someone had to be punished.  This is how bloodlust comes to be.  First there is righteous indignation.  Then, it’s just indignation.  Finally, there isn’t even a rational purpose to the desire to see blood run and things die. 

They chased Sarah Palin from the governor’s mansion in Alaska.  But that didn’t satisfy them.  They raged at capitalism and singled out the Koch brothers for derision.  That didn’t help.  They tried mightily to smear the entire pushback by the Tea Party.  That didn’t work.  They ended up losing the House and most of the country in the 2010 midterm elections.  They scratched their heads and inside the seethed with rage.

They went after Wisconsin and Arizona.  That didn’t make them feel better.  They ranted and extorted businesses for looking out for themselves.  They still felt so hollow inside. 

They had to make someone pay for their blinding blue cold hate.  So, they went after Sarah Palin, again.

Sarah Palin did three things that inadvertantly gave them the signal that she was the one they must destroy and then all the bitter feelings of savagery would fade.  Palin showed ‘weakness’ by resigning the governorship.  She then went on to be a commentator, successful author, and political organizer.  But the thing Sarah Palin did that really made them see red and the berserker tendency kick in was she was happy.  She didn’t let their actions impede her.  She was supposed to have resigned the governorship and been thoroughly and completely as miserable as they are.  She wasn’t.  She went to rallies and laughed and joked and was graceful and charming.

That just wasn’t right. 

Think of the Grinch.  He is the progressive/socialist left.  After stealing Christmas from the Who’s, they still sang their Christmas song and he stood there puzzling and puzzling till his puzzler was sore.  However, the Grinch learned his lesson.  The Left has not.

So, they exercised their desire for revenge and called her names, mocked her, derided her, made up stories about her.  You cannot say the name Sarah Palin to a leftist without their face turning purple, screwing up their face, and expelling clouds of green gas from their ears.  It’s just that bad.  Then, when you ask why they hate her so much, the usual and customary response is, “Because she’s so stupid.”  This is really no answer whatsoever.  Do we usually rage against people just because their stupid?  Do we hound people because they’re not so bright?  Do we really do things like this to the mentally challenged?

They took an off-the-cuff remark about a historical place she visited and made it international news.  They have been heckling and guffawing about Paul Revere and Sarah Palin for a week.  They got so excited and so deranged about it they didn’t even bother to check her commentary for accuracy.  They just ranted about it even though they were the ones that were factually incorrect, they couldn’t stop.  Palin actually didn’t ‘luck out’ on her remark.  She had just been to the fricking Revere House.  But, the NBC News anchor Brian Williams actually put derisive remarks in his internationally broadcast newscast about a one-time vice presidential candidate’s offhand comment about a Revolutionary War site visit.  FOR TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW.

While Rome burns.

This is behavior that is beyond reason.  This is simply a lashing out to lash out.  It is to assassinate someone character for its own sake.  Palin isn’t even a declared candidate and the national media is treating her like a pariah, like the Enemy.  But, that was just a little amuse bouche in comparison to the main course they are wolfing down today.

The big masthead newspapers of the nation, the New York Times and Washington Post, actually had a cattle call for people to sift through Palin’s emails from her time as governor.  Now what possible utility could there be to that.  She is a private citizen, not in power, not even running for a position of power, and these people are rummaging through her electronic mail to find, well, something.

It’s not even portrayed as a rational arrangement.  They aren’t even pretending they are looking for something good or something specific.  They are openly and blatantly admitting they are looking for something, anything, in which they can smear her.  Our so-called journalistic community are digging in an ex-governor’s archives for a smoking gun which none of them can even put pencil to paper to describe. 

This is the proverbial witchhunt without having the decency to pretend it’s to rid the world of witches.  They are trying to create a witch that they can then rid the world of.  This is without precedent in American history.  There isn’t even a whisper of decorum about this.  This is just bloodlust which they believe will sate their hate.

It will not.  Even if they find something, it won’t slow them down.  They are now completely consumed with berserker rage and nothing, nothing will stop them unless we rise up and shout, “Enough.”  This is more than a ‘have you no decency.’  At least there was actual evidence for McCarthy to wave.  Here we have a private vendetta engaged against a private citizen with absolutely no aim except to destroy for destruction’s sake. 

They have truly lost their ever-loving minds.  We have got to throw some cold water on them before their bloodlust moves on to the next victim.  It could easily be you next. Or me.