The Spooky Dewds Target, Well Target

Last year Target and Best Buy contributed to a conservative political action group called Minnesota Forward.  This group spent money that bought ads to counter the labor union spending in the governor’s race.  There was a huge backlash against these corporations by progressive groups.  They argued Republican nominee Tom Emmer was an extremist because, like our president, he supported traditional marriage.  This was all artifice.  They are simply progressive/socialists with an extreme agenda of centralizing economic power in the government.  Now there are people from these groups who are attempting to muzzle business from supporting conservative causes.  This is a taste of the kinds of people we are witnessing extorting Target and Best Buy.

Jim Spencer wrote an article about some protestors who are targeting Target’s giving to Republicans.  In June 8th, 2011, ‘Target urged to change tune on political giving,’ Spencer reports there are three people who will argue Target shouldn’t contribute to any political causes.  What’s interesting about these three men is their rather questionable pasts.  These three men have seriously frightening and questionable connections to the new underworld of mob rule; The Progressive Movement.  Once you look at a thumbnail sketch of these men’s associations and ties, Target may want to reconsider listening to these thugs.

Spencer begins, “Bill de Blasio, who sits on the board of the New York City Employees Retirement System (NYCERS), also asked that the fund vote against any Target director who refuses to voluntarily stop contributions, such as the $150,000 donation Target made in 2010 to a political action committee supporting Minnesota Republican governor candidate Tom Emmer.”

Now at first glance you’d think, okay, a board member of a very large pension fund.  He may have union ties, or not, but just a person in charge of making sure pensioners get their monthly check.  Right?

Wrong.  This is one Spooky Dewd.  Bill de Blasio is the Public Advocate for New York City.  He’s an elected official who is supposed to enable ordinary New Yorker’s access to services.  He’s not quite so benign.

From the New York Daily News editorial April 20, 2011, ‘Thompson, de Blasio and Liu took millions for campaigns, but won’t pay fines for their illegal signs.’ “Public Advocate Bill de Blasio got $2.2 million in public dollars, and was caught with 4,050 signs for a $303,750 fine. He argued that the tickets should be dismissed because the sanitation sergeant who filed the complaint did not put the stamps on the envelope himself.”

So, de Blasio got himself government campaign funds for his reelection, then plastered the city with his propaganda, and now is trying to stiff the tax payers with the bill.  Nice.  Now, these fines were levied back in November of 2010, but since then de Blasio has argued he shouldn’t have to pay.  Why?  I’m glad you asked. “He argued that the tickets should be dismissed because the sanitation sergeant who filed the complaint did not put the stamps on the envelope himself.”  So the New York Public Advocate is expecting tax payers to foot the bill for his illegal signage and he believes he can get out of it because the wrong person licked the stamp?  This is the man who is questioning Target’s integrity and standing in the community?

There is also a John Liu mentioned in the title of the article.  Who is he?  Back to Spencer, “”I write to express deep concern regarding the City’s investment in Target Corp.,” De Blasio said in a letter to New York City Comptroller John Liu dated Tuesday.”  Mr. Liu is another deadbeat New York Democrat.  Here’s what that editorial had to say about him.

“Present Controller John Liu took $1.3 million, posted 8,162 signs and was fined $612,150. He was allowed to skip out of paying entirely after his attorney argued that the department was supposed to send him the citations by certified mail, rather than let a campaign worker pick them up by hand.”

So, the Controller managed to finagle his way out of paying for cleaning up after his illegal campaign posters by citing an obscure mishandling of the citations. Since they weren’t served properly, he doesn’t have to pay.  That leaves the city’s taxpayers to mop up after this particular pig.  And, he’s a player in teaching Target about public responsibility?  Another Spooky Dewd.

De Blasio and Liu are merely commentators from outside.  They are using the pension fund as an extortion tool against Target’s stock price.  The thug who will speak to the Target shareholders is a Matt Dean.  Who’s this guy?  Spencer reports, “Mike Dean, the director of Minnesota Common Cause, said at least 10 Target shareholders or their surrogates are expected to try to question the board of directors about political spending.

Dean will attempt to speak to the board in behalf of a shareholder group called the Tides Foundation.

“We want to make the case that political spending is not good for business,” Dean said in an interview from Pittsburgh. “You’re going to offend your customer base no matter who you give to.”

Well, Common Cause is a decent group of people.  They advocate for public financing of campaigns to shield politicians from being spoiled by campaign contributions, right?  I mean Matt Dean must be a standup guy who only wants what’s best for Target and the political process.

Dean is speaking on “behalf of a shareholder group called the Tides Foundation.”  What is the Tides Foundation that he is so intimate with they are having him argue for them?

The Tides Foundation is a ‘progressive’ group that funds socialist/progressive ‘change.’  It was started by Drummond Pike and funded by George Soros and Wade Rathke.  We are quite familiar with the Media Matters and Center for American Progress work of Soros, but what of Rathke?

Wade Rathke is the founder of SEIU and was part of ACORN.  His brother was the one who stole a million dollars and then just ‘paid it back.’  These guys are also in league with Colors of Change, Van Johnson’s group.  You know, the communist that was chased from his job as Green jobs czar.

That’s the kind of people Target is facing.  These are the people who are ‘advising’ Target on their contribution policies.

These are really the Spookiest of the Spooky Dewds.  Target, don’t flinch.