Sarah Palin's History Lesson

Just when you think the intellectual dishonesty can’t get much worse at the Strib, Jill Burcum [editorial board member and left wing wacko] opens up her laptop and doodles.  The video of Sarah Palin answering someone’s question about Paul Revere has the loony left in stitches.  Everybody knows, the progressive/socialists cackle, that Paul Revere rode out to warn the Americans about the approach of the British.  The fact Palin said something about warning the British and bells ringing seems absurd.  I mean, really.  We all know the story of Paul Revere, right?  You’d have to be a complete and utter idiot to not know it was, “the British are coming, the British are coming.”

Well, I decided to do a little digging into the story.  Not much, just a cursory glance to see if there was any truth to Palin’s comment.  After all, she was going to historic sites.  Perhaps she heard more of the story that we all think is so ingrained and common.  So, let’s examine Burcum’s comments about Palin’s remarks and see where Palin got it so wrong.  Burcum writes:

“Revere, according to historical documents, was captured by the British. Under questioning, sometimes with a gun to his head, Revere said he had warned revolutionary forces that the redcoats were coming.

Arguments that this means he warned the British, as Palin defenders claim, are more than a stretch. That Palin had that detailed level of knowledge about Revere’s ride is even more unlikely, especially in context of her meandering statements about Revere’s “ringin’ those bells.”

So, first Revere was captured by the British.  As a captured man, he was forcibly questioned and that he admitted to telling the “revolutionary forces” about the British army.  Then, she believes Palin was talking about how Revere warned the British about by telling them his mission.  Finally, Burcum laughingly refers to Palin’s mention of all the bells ringing.  According to Burcum’s analysis, Palin just didn’t understand the facts of the Paul Revere’s ride, but did she? 

In 1994, historian David Hackett Fischer came out with a book called, ‘Paul Revere’s Ride.’  I recall the book was very popular and in fact there are copies in several Hennepin County libraries.  It is so popular, three copies were checked out when I looked.  I went to the library and got a copy.  What to my wondering eyes should appear, but Fischer’s discussion of Revere warning the British.

“I know better,’ Paul Revere boldly replied.  ‘I know what you are after, and have alarmed the country all the way up.”  He then said, “I should have 500 men there soon.”  As the British neared the Lexington Green, a shot rang out.  The commanding officer asked what that was.  “Revere told him was a signal “to alarm the country.”  The British became more and more frightened, according to Fischer’s account, and soon there was the sound of a volley that, “appeared evidence that the country was rising against them.”  As they came closer to the Common they began to hear Lexington’s town bell clanging rapidly.  The captive Loring, picking up Revere’s spirit, turned to the officers and said, ‘The bell’s a ‘ringing! The town’s alarmed, and you’re all dead men!”

So, let’s see.  Whose account sounds more accurate?  Palin’s comment discussed how Revere warned the British about what was about to occur to them.  He warned them there would be 500 men there soon.  He told them he knew what they were up to and the country wasn’t having it.  And, the icing on the cake, Palin knew about the Lexington town bell ringing and Loring’s comment to the British Regulars, that the bell was tolling for them.  They would soon be dead. 

Palin was spot on in her little summary of what she had learned after visiting a Revere site.  She had learned something.  That something was these real flesh and blood men were doing something seriously dangerous and the British Regulars knew how dangerous.  These were soldiers and they knew fighting, even with farmers and tradesmen, would mean death.  The British were on a clandestine mission to seize guns and powder from Concord.  It wasn’t supposed to be known to the provincials and yet here they were, fighting and ringing the alarm bell.

You see, Jill Burcum is intellectually dishonest.  She is simply a Democratic Party hack that gets paid by the StarTribune to be a smear merchant.  She glibly mocks the idea someone ‘like’ Sarah Palin could glean understanding that transcends her own.  Obviously she doesn’t care a tinker’s damn about the truth.

Burcum is an ignoramous.  Before writing her little puff piece, she could have glanced at a book or looked on the Internet for evidence Palin was right.  She didn’t.  I found the fricking book in the library and found the quotes that jibe perfectly with the off the cuff remarks Palin made. 

But, most of all, Burcum is a chauvinist.  If her Democratic tribe is even slightly threatened, she lashes out like a crazed animal.  Instead of seeing Sarah Palin as a human being, she’s just a stupid Republican.  Instead of seeing Palin as a person who could find out something new and interesting about a historical figure, Burcum immediately presumes she’s an idiot.  Burcum isn’t representative of anything positive or reasonable in this country.  She’s nothing more than a kneejerk, hateful Party operative.

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