The Media's Paradigm Shifts

And just like that, the world changes.  Until now, conservative media was the red-headed stepchild.  The lame-brained media didn’t really take it seriously.  The alternative media pooh-poohed us.  Average Americans really never gave conservative media a thought.  Drudge, Redstate, Hotair, Biggovernment, and Townhall were ‘just’ blogging sites.  They weren’t ‘real’ journalists or ‘real’ activists.  They were just run-of-the-mill yak-meisters that could be easily marginalized. 

Conservative media’s relevance has been steadily growing.  Redstate saw it’s influence most recently in the ousting of Bob Ingliss and Bob Bennett, sitting Republican legislators where conservatives took them out of the running replacing them with true conservatives.  Marco Rubio’s epic run and supplanting of Charlie Crist in Florida is another powerful example of their organizing, generating ideas, and spreading important information to the grassroots.  Hotair and Drudge provide valuable sources of news stories the lame-brained media refuses to publish.  Their readership is huge.  Townhall and Andrew Breitbart’s Big sites provide investigative reporting on the Democrats which the general media ignores.  There are tons of other sites that also provide a conservative take on the news, but none of us are really taken seriously. 

In spite of several breaking news stories and countless exposures of liberal malfeasance and nonfeasance, the broadcast media never really considered conservative media a threat.  We just weren’t relevant enough for them to listen to us.  We were fringe.  We were outliers.  We were partisan, like they aren’t. 

Regardless, they really didn’t take us seriously.  When Breitbart broke the ACORN story, they tried to stifle it.  They did there best to sweep it under the rug.  But, with the help of talk radio and Fox News, the story spread like wildfire.  We broke through their glass ceiling. 

That clearly wasn’t enough.  Since then, the lame-brained media were still trying to muffle reports of Democratic Party corruption and outright negligence of elected officials for years.  And then came John Edwards.

News outlets hate to be scooped.  The so-called journalistic ethic demands a culture of revealing the truth.  Yet, when it came to the adulterous John Edwards, it took the National Enquirer’s stories and badgering to get the lame-brained media to report on the story.  The Enquirer started revealing Edward’s cheating on his wife in October 2007, but it wasn’t until the middle of the summer of 2008 when his affair with Rielle Hunter was published in the lame-stream media.  It took dogged determination by the conservative media outlets until finally Edwards admitted to having fathered a child that he tried to blame on his aide Andrew Young.  Finally, the truth came out, but not due to the New York Times or ABC News.  They were busy shifting the story from the front page or completely ignoring it.  They not only have egg on their faces, but in their hair and underwear as well.

Now, we have our wedge.

Breitbart’s publication of Weiner’s knockwurst became a media moment.  The lame-brained media couldn’t ignore the feisty, pugnacious New York congressman who was a bombthrower on so many media outlets.  The story, of a tweeted undergarment, was racy enough to have legs.  Weiner’s excuses were so convoluted as to become a story in and of itself.  Tantalizing and provocative, the story, which is hardly a groundbreaking event, grew since it was first publicized.  The media couldn’t look away even though it wanted to protect their Democrat.  When CNN pressed a wild-eyed Weiner about the picture, he melted down.  This made for great footage and sound bites. 

But, it would have gone away were it not for the media hype.  Weiner’s tale would have faded away, but Breitbart had more.  Weiner’s defenders were rashly blaming the conservative media for this imbroglio.  But, it was actually the lame-brained media and Jon Stewart who really kept it going.  So, today when Breitbart let it out that he had more pictures, actual evidence and witnesses of other similar events, Weiner caved. 

Though the media didn’t scoop this story.  They had to carry it.  Conservative media found its place.  Before, there wasn’t enough density in conservative media to push Democrat perfidy into the open air.  Now, two things have happened.  The MSM must listen to conservative media or they are going to be scooped.  They will become the Reader’s Digest of journalism if they don’t follow the leads.  Their relevance will fade into obscurity.  Second, they have to respond to conservative voices or they won’t have an audience.  If they don’t listen, they will miss the leads, miss the stories, and lose their market even more.  They can no longer hide Democrats under the bushel basket. These stories will be heard by the public, just not from them. 

So, the paradigm has shifted.  When I heard Anthony Weiner apologize to Andrew Breitbart, I knew it had changed.  The Party-run media realized they have to respect us.  Or, they won’t have anyone respecting them.  Like that, a new paradigm is realized.